Important Info For 6/16/12

Dear fans,

Please be advised that there will be lane reductions on Route 291 from Rainey Street to the entrance ramp for Route 95 that will severely limit traffic flow in this area for vehicles entering and leaving PPL Park for Saturday’s game against DC United. We would advise all fans to allow for extra time and please try to arrive early based on this construction and a capacity crowd.

We want to remind all card-carrying season ticket holders that you can avoid the post-game traffic by joining us in the stadium club following the match. You can access the stadium club by the Seaport Deck above sections 112/113 or the Bridge Deck above sections 120/121.

We also want to make sure our fans are aware of changes to the flow along the concourse for Sunday’s match. With D.C. United and their supporters coming to town this Saturday we will be taking precautionary measures in and around the visiting supporters area (Section 132) to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

Please see below for the revised traffic patterns for fans parking in Lot B and C, as well as details on the changes to the concourse and flow of foot traffic around the building.



From Route 95: Those parking in Lot B should avoid using Flower Street or Rainey Street to access Lot B – instead use Highland Avenue direct to Seaport Avenue and Lot B.

When coming off the exit ramp from 95 (Commodore Barry Bridge Exit) onto Route 291 make a left onto Route 291 to Highland Avenue. Make a left onto Highland Avenue and then a left onto Seaport Drive and head to Lot B.

From points East (New Jersey) and Commodore Bridge: Follow Flower Street direct to Seaport Drive. 


Those parking in Lot C – Avoid using Flower Street or Rainey Street to access Lot C – instead use Highland Avenue

From West on Route 322: Use Highland Avenue to Lot C – DO NOT use Exit 4 – Commodore Barry Bridge/322 East/291

From points East (New Jersey) and Commodore Barry Bridge: Follow Flower Street and make a right onto Route 291 (2nd Street) then a left onto Highland Avenue to Lot C. DO NOT cross Rte. 291 onto Flower Street or Rainey Street

From East on Route 291 (2nd Street): Follow Rte. 291 past Flower Street and Rainey Street and take left on Highland Avenue to Lot C.



To Commodore Barry Bridge and East 322/New Jersey: Using Rainey Street to exit. Continue straight across Rainey Street and take right on 7th Street, take left onto Flower Street to Commodore Barry Bridge. DO NOT turn right from Rainey Street onto Rte. 291 as Police will not be allowing a left hand turn onto Flower Street to the CBB. All traffic will need to proceed straight on Rte. 291.

To Commodore Barry Bridge and Route 95 North and South: Rainey Street traffic should turn left onto Rte. 291, then right onto Engle Street. Follow Engle Street to 9th Street. Turn left on 9th Street and then right on Highland Avenue to Route 95.


Avoid taking right from Highland Avenue onto Route 291 east (2nd Street).

To Routes 95 North and South: Continue straight up Highland Avenue

To Commodore Barry Bridge: Continue up Highland Avenue. Take right on 9th street and continue on 9th Street to Commodore Barry Bride entrance.


We anticipate good sportsmanship, however we will be taking precautionary measures in and around the visiting supporters area to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. Please note the following changes to foot traffic along the concourse for this weekend’s match, and thanks in advance for your understanding.

  • D.C. United supporters will be seated in section 132 for the match. As was the case for previous matches against local rivals, we have created a secured area for the traveling supporters on the concourse behind sections 130-133. Only guests seated in those sections will have access to the concourse behind these sections. Traveling supporters may not leave this area. Other guests will be permitted to leave, but a ticket for one of these sections must be presented upon re-entry.
  • Guests seated in the sections 134-140 will NOT be able to walk any further than section 133 on the concourse. The walk-around path behind your sections will be in place and both restrooms and food carts have been added for your convenience.
  • We recommend that any ticket holders with seats in sections 117-129 use the PPL EnergyPlus Gate or Crozer-Premier Gate to enter the stadium. Anyone sitting on the Bridge Side of the stadium (sections 117-129) who enters through the Supporters Gate will have to access their seats by walking along the concourse towards Section 101. No one without a ticket in sections 130-133 will be allowed into this secured area surrounding these sections.
  • Guests in section 122-129 must exit the game through the Crozer-Premier Gate only, as the River Gate will NOT be accessible from those sections.

With the new traffic patterns and a standing room only crowd expected, we encourage all fans to get to the match as early as possible!

Thanks again for your understanding and if you have any questions leading up to Saturday’s game, feel free to email


Philadelphia Union