Philadelphia Union

30 May 4:15 pm

Philadelphia Union and D.C. United have met 13 prior times with both clubs winning five matches. Saturday's match will be the second between the two clubs this year. The Union won the first match 1-0, at PPL Park just two weeks ago thanks to a stoppage-time winner from Zach Pfeffer.

But here is today's starting lineup with career stats listed in parenthesis. It is Andrew Wenger's 50th career start in MLS.


GK: Brian Sylvestre (Game No. 4, start 4)
LB: Fabinho (Game No. 40, start 34)
LCB: Richie Marquez (Game No. 4, start 3)
RCB: Maurice Edu (Game No. 82, start 81)
RB: Sheanon Williams (Game No. 135, start 134)
LCDM: Brian Carroll (Game No. 328, start 306)
RCDM: Vince Nogueira (Game No. 39, start 37)
LAM: Andrew Wenger (Game No. 93, start 50)
CAM: Cristian Maidana (Game No. 37, start 31)
RAM: Sebastien Le Toux (Game No. 198, start 164)
ST: Fernando Aristeguieta (Game No. 10, start 10)

Bench: John McCarthy, Raymon Gaddis, Ethan White, Fred, Zach Pfeffer, Eric Ayuk, C.J. Sapong.

Career stats vs. D.C.

Brian Sylvestre (1 GP, 1 GS, 0 GA)
Fabinho (3 GP, 2 GS, 0G, 2A)
Richie Marquez (0 GP)
Maurice Edu (9 GP, 9 GS, 1G, 1A)
Sheanon Williams (9 GP, 9 GS, 0G, 3A)
Brian Carroll (15 GP, 15 GS, 1G, 1A)
Vince Nogueira (3 GP, 3 GS, 0G, 0A)
Andrew Wenger (4 GP, 3 GS, 0G, 0A)
Cristian Maidana (3 GP, 3 GS, 0G, 0A)
Sebastien Le Toux (13 GP, 11 GS, 5G, 3A)
Fernando Aristeguieta (0 GP)
Of particular note, Le Toux has thrived against D.C. while playing for the Union -- all career five goals and three assists have come when playing for the Union.
29 May 3:15 pm

Today was another hot day for practice, with the sun mercilessly beating down on the field. The weather seemed to reflect the mood of the players who were having a very good time, laughing and joking amongst each other.

That does not mean, however, that the team was goofing around or slacking off, as their intensity in practice was as high as it has been all season. Realizing that they can very possibly win the game against D.C. United on Saturday, the team practiced with upmost efficiency, talking and making crisp passes, while also calling out other players when they made a mistake.

The team worked a lot on keeping possession in transition, as well as winning it back in transition, with the team having to make ten passes against a high press before they could proceed.

Practice ended with practicing corner kicks, with Richie Marquez putting in a particularly good shift, as well as regular shootng practice and free kicks to round it all off.

Brian Sylvestre was back in goal today, preparing for the game this weekend, a welcome sight for the team as Sylvestre has posted back-to-back shutouts in the last two wins.


27 May 3:22 pm
River Cup V is a friendly, on field competition between the Union Front Office & Technical Staff and the Union Supporters Group the Sons of Ben.
Event Timeline: 
  • September 19th 2015
  • 10:00AM Union Ownership Game
  • 11:30AM RiverCup match
  • 3:00PM Delaware River Craft Brewfest
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27 May 2:55 pm

Injury Report:






Andre Blake


Right knee menisectomy recovery

Michael Lahoud


Right Quad Strain

Steven Vitoria


Left hamstring strain

Ray Gaddis


Left ankle sprain

Jimmy McLaughlin


Left ankle sprain

Conor Casey


Left quad strain

Antoine Hoppenot


Left hamstring strain



On another gorgeous day for practice, the players once again could be seen training very hard. There were some faces missing, including starting goalkeeper Brian Sylvestre, and starting centerback Ethan White.

The Carolina RailHawks recalled Sylvestre yesterday so he could start in goal for the team in their U.S. Open Cup game that is being held tonight. While he will return Thursday, by playing for the RailHawks in the Open Cup means that he is “cup tied”. Being cup tied to the RailHawks prohibits him from playing for the Union in any U.S. Open Cup games.

White was inside working on his knee, doing some light workouts with the trainers.

As far as practice itself, Ray Gaddis was, for the most part, a full participant, along with Kyle Morton, a goalkeeper who was temporarily brought up from Reading United.

Most of practice involved different variations of 5-on-5 and 7-on-7, with a special emphasis on shooting. In between each of the team drills, Curtin had players break into groups to practice shooting from distance on each of the goals.

Both Cristian Maidana and Fernando Aristeguieta looked to be in top form, with Chaco playing some great balls into the forwards, and Aristeguieta finishing well, showing that he has returned from Venezuela in top form.

Joining the team for practice today was Icelandic superstar Eiður Guðjohnsen. Guðjohnsen will be practicing with the team for the next week as he trains for Iceland’s upcoming Euro Qualifiers. In the past, Guðjohnsen has played for teams such as Chelsea, Barcelona, Monaco and Tottenham. He currently plays for the Bolton Wanderers. 


27 May 9:51 am

In case you haven’t heard, both Brian Sylvestre AND Fabinho have made the MLS Team of the Week after their Week 12 performances against the New York Red Bulls.

Fabinho was getting the start in place of the injured Ray Gaddis and surpassed everyone’s expectations. In what Jim Curtin called his best game in a Union uniform, Fabinho had six interceptions and six clearances while providing an assist to C.J. Sapong after a great run done the left-hand side of the field. Fabinho was able to push forward while keeping the New York Red Bull’s Lloyd Sam from getting a shot on goal.

Sylvestre had another great game in goal, shutting out the Red Bulls for only the second time this season and the first time at home. He only had to make three saves but they were all key to the victory. His best save of the match came after Sacha Kljestan’s shot was deflected, making Sylvestre dive to his left, only for the ball to end up at Bradley Wright-Phillips feet. Wright-Phillips quickly shot towards the exposed half of goal but Sylvestre managed to kick his legs out and send the ball out of bounds instead.

Jim Curtin also recieved an honor this week, being selected as the MLS Coach of the Week for Week 12.

26 May 2:28 pm
On the most beautiful day of practice this year, the Union received multiple pieces of good news in the form of returning players.
The first player to make his way back onto the practice field was none other than ironman Ray Gaddis. Gaddis, who sprained his left ankle in the win against D.C. United, was back on the field in limited role that saw him participate in movement and passing drills before doing some light jogging. 
The other player returning was Fernando Aristeguieta, who made his way back from Venezuela this week after being called down to be in the 30-man roster prior to the 2015 Copa America. The team cheered and clapped when Fernando jogged onto the field from the locker room.
The first half of practice focused heavily on passing the ball, and moving without the ball to receive the pass. While this was happening, the goalies received one-on-one training, working on their reflexes and jumping on live balls in the box.
Two or three players from Reading United were at practice today, working with the team. Practice was forced to stop for a few minutes when one of the Reading players broke his wrist after getting hit with a shot.
Practice wrapped up with some shooting drills, with John McCarthy and Brian Sylvestre in fine form again.
After practice, Richie Marquez helped to put on the TruMark Soccer Clinic help in PPL Park, something both he and the kids visibly enjoyed.


24 May 8:52 pm

After the loss two weeks ago to the Vancouver Whitecaps, fans were calling for Jim Curtin’s head. Now, after the Union's first win at Red Bull Arena, they’re praising him.

Two weeks, two wins against opponents who are thought to be the best that the Eastern Conference has to offer. The Union have now managed to get 12 points from 13 games, five points behind the Red Bulls, who are in third.

As I mentioned in my thoughts at halftime, the Union seemed to be perfectly fine with the Red Bulls dictating the play, waiting for the chance to strike on the counter attack.

The first goal came when Andrew Wenger did a nice bit of dribbling on the left wing to set the ball up for Cristian Maidana, who hit it first time to Vincent Nogueira. Nogueira provided the goal with a nifty finish, hitting it in with the inside of his boot while facing the other direction.

The second goal came from more great wing play on the break, with Fabinho making a great run and an even better pass across the face of the goal to a streaking C.J. Sapong, who knocked it in for the second goal in 10 minutes.

“As a forward you just want to be near the goal, and [Fabinho] played the perfect ball, I really didn’t have much to do,” Sapong said after the game. 

The assist marks the second in two games for Fabinho, who was starting at left back for the injured Ray Gaddis.

At the end of the day, the Union played the kind of game that they needed to play to win by not trying to possess the ball against the high press from the Red Bulls. Brian Sylvestre and the rest of the defense came up big, posting another shutout in the second consecutive win. 

The team now gets Memorial Day off before they regroup and get ready to face D.C. United away at RFK Stadium next Saturday.



Here are a couple of other stats that may be of some interest:


Possession: New York Red Bulls: 66%, Union 34%

Clearances: NYRB 12, Union 27

Total passes: NYRB 542, Union 285

Total shots: NYRB 15, Union 7

Shots on goal: NYRB 3, Union 3

Crosses: NYRB 33, Union 14

24 May 6:03 pm

The Union are definitely playing a defensive game, allowing the Red Bulls to dictate the amount of time they have on the ball. This, combined with the high pressure style of the Red Bulls, leaves them open for the counter attack, something that the Union have taken advantage of.

Though the Union only have 35% of the possession, they have more corners than the Red Bulls (2-1) and they have the same amount of shots on goal (1-1).

Going into the second half, the Union have the advantage due to the Red Bulls already using one of their substitutions for an injury to Kemar Lawrence at the 30 minute mark.  They have allowed the Red Bulls to play their style and now are in prime position to start to put a bigger influence on the game.

They have to be careful not to get lazy, however, as the Red Bulls have already seen two shots hit off the posts and bounce out.

24 May 4:17 pm

Philadelphia Union Starting XI against the New York Red Bulls

Formation: 4-3-2-1

ST: #6 Conor Casey-MLS Start No. 146, Union Start No. 45

LAM: #11 Andrew Wenger-MLS Start No. 49, Union Start No. 31

CAM: #10 Cristian “Chaco” Maidana-MLS Start No. 30, Union Start No. 30

RAM: #9 Sebastien Le Toux-MLS Start No. 163, Union Start No. 121

LDM: #5 Vincent Nogueira-MLS Start No. 36, Union Start No. 36

RDM: #7 Brian Carroll-MLS Start No. 305, Union Start No. 116

LB: #33 Fabinho-MLS Start No. 33, Union Start No. 33

LCB: #16 Richie Marquez-MLS Start No. 2, Union Start No. 2

RCB: #15 Ethan White-MLS Start No. 54, Union Start No. 20

RB: #25 Sheanon Williams-MLS Start No. 133, Union Start No. 133

GK: #49 Brian Sylvestre-MLS Start No. 3, Union Start No. 3



C.J. Sapong

John McCarthy

Jimmy McLaughlin

Zach Pfeffer

Eric Ayuk

Raymond Lee



Game Notes:

Williams has two career game-winning assists versus the NYRB…Casey has nine goals and three assists in 11 games against the NYRB…Le Toux played for the Red Bulls in 2012 and had three goals in three games against them last year…The Union have never won in Red Bulls Arena

21 May 1:09 pm
On a cold and wet day like today, it’s nice to bundle up and stay inside while watching Netflix. No such luck for the Philadelphia Union today as they practiced from 10-12 this morning.
The team was very good vocally today, talking with each other a lot, calling out where they were and where they were going. Over all of their voices, Jim Curtin could be heard yelling at them to keep their focus, harping on getting rid of their unforced errors.
Most of practice focused on playing with possession and defending in a high press against larger numbers. This meant that every pass had to be crisp or you risked hearing a whistle and an earful from one of the coaches.
In terms of personnel, C.J. Sapong was back at practice today for the first time since his suspension as a result of his DUI arrest in early May. Sapong looked pretty sharp but lacks match fitness so it is unlikely that he will be in the squad for the game against the New York Red Bulls on Sunday night.

Practice wrapped up with shooting drills, with Zach Pfeffer looking especially good, seemingly scoring easily with both his right foot and his left foot. And while shooting practice is supposed to be more for the outfield players, goalkeepers Brian Sylvestre and John McCarthy looked on their games today, making the decision as to who will start on Sunday a tough one.