Hot Dog Nation Recipe Contest

Vote For The Hot Dog you want to see at PPL Park! 


1)      The Super Dooper Dog:

Roll topped with shredded cheese, bacon, onion rings, pickles then hot dog drizzled with honey mustard. 5 toppings to celebrate the 5th season!





2)      The Ben West Dog:

Roll topped with mashed potatoes and bacon, then hotdog with sour cream and onion relish.






3)      The Philly Steak Dog:

Roll topped with melted wiz cheese, shredded steak, then hot dog with more wiz cheese.






4)      The River End Dog:

Roll topped with shredded iceburg lettuce, then hot dog with popcorn shrimp tossed in a sweet & spicy chili mayo.






5)      The Repeater Dog:

Roll topped with pork roll, bacon, American cheese then hot dog  with grilled onions.