Top 10 in 2010: Only One First Win

Number two recalls a historic Home Opener - the first-ever win is counting down the top 10 moments of the Union’s inaugural season as part of our Top 10 in 2010 series. It wasn’t easy narrowing down a historic season filled with countless memories, but here’s our best attempt. Feel free to leave your reactions or personal memories in the comments section below.

It’s almost impossible to fathom that the Union’s dramatic
3-2 victory over rival DC United in the club’s first-ever home game is
not the top moment of the year, but so
it goes in a historic inaugural campaign. To some, Philadelphia’s first win in
club history was the absolute pinnacle of the season – and it’d be hard to
argue. We’ll focus on number two for now, though, and hold off on sharing why
we ultimately chose number one.

One of the not-so-subtle subplots on April 10 was Sebastien
Le Toux’s coming out party. Following an opening ceremony that included United
States Vice President Joe Biden, Le Toux wasted no time welcoming top-flight
soccer back to the Philadelphia region.


After Roger Torres forced United goalkeeper Troy Perkins to
make a diving save off a free kick, Alejandro Moreno kept the rebound alive and
found Torres again along the right touchline. Torres squared and sent in a perfect
cross to Le Toux, which the Frenchman directed into the net in just the fourth
minute for the first goal in franchise history.

There was something surreal about the whole thing, yet in a
different way than the first match in Seattle. At Qwest Field, simply seeing
Union kits in action was enough for the dream to finally feel like a reality.
But now, thanks to a player who would soon become an icon amongst Union fans,
Philadelphia were a team that could really compete – a team that could win. It
helped that D.C. United are considered one of two primary rivals, but it didn’t
make the moment. In Major League Soccer’s 15
th season, a Philadelphia
club was on the scoreboard. And boy did it feel good.

Just when life couldn’t get any better … another goal!
Moreno sent a pinpoint ball along an improbable, angled path to a streaking Le
Toux in the 40
th minute, and after the finish the Union suddenly
looked like world-beaters. 2-0 at the break.

Any good drama has a low point, and this night would be no
different. Santino Quaranta’s blast from distance in the 63rd minute cut the
lead in half, and a controversial call leveled the match at 2-2 in the 68
Readying to punt, goalkeeper Chris Seitz was duped by savvy veteran Jaime
Moreno, who lunged just before foot met ball. Seitz hesitated and the ball fell
to the pitch, where Moreno gathered it and easily found an open net.
US Soccer director
referee development Paul Tamberino would later say that Moreno
should’ve been awarded a yellow card and the goal nullified, but it didn’t
matter at the time. Philadelphia’s first impression in front of nearly 35,000
fans was in serious jeopardy.

If you were to draw up the perfect blueprint for becoming universally engrained in the hearts of an entire fan base from one 90 minute performance,
netting a hat trick to fuel a franchise's first win would be hard to beat.

And yet that’s exactly what happened.

On the ensuing free kick after Dejan Jakovic was shown red, Le
Toux conjured up the stuff of legends. Despite positioning his wall to take
away the right side of the net, Perkins left too much
daylight inside of the left post. Le Toux noticed, and he made Perkins pay
with a low strike that sent the home faithful into a state of euphoria.

What did the Union’s first win mean to Philadelphia soccer
fans of all ages? Probably something slightly different to each, but there was
an incredible sense of unity at Lincoln Financial Field. It didn’t matter who
you were – all that mattered was the crest.

There will be plenty of wins to come over the years, and
many will be both memorable and dramatic. Only once, however, do you taste
victory for the very first time.


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