Philadelphia Union Full Season Ticket Member Policy

Philadelphia Union Season Ticket account members are subject to the Ticket Policy and Stadium Rules of Conduct

Season Ticket Cards and printed tickets remains the property of Pennsylvania Professional Soccer LLC and is a revocable license, which may be withdrawn, and admission refused anytime upon refunding the printed purchase price.  Season ticket account members are responsible for the actions of themselves and any individual using their seats. The Philadelphia Union reserve the right to terminate
the season ticket account in its entirety if the account members or any individual using the
seats engages in disorderly conduct or otherwise fails to follow facility rules and regulations. 
In such case no refund shall be made of any amounts paid for such season tickets and season ticket members waives its right to any such refund.

Illegal resale or attempted resale of tickets is grounds for seizure and cancellation. The members agrees not to engage in transmitting any description or picture of this event. This Card or ticket may not be used for advertising, promotional or other trade purposes without the express written consent of the Philadelphia Union. The members grants permission to the Philadelphia Union and its agents to utilize or grant to any other party the right to utilize the members image, likeness or voice in connection with any broadcast, photograph or any other reproduction in whole or in part of this event via any media and for any purpose in perpetuity. SPECTATORS VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL RISK AND DANGER OF PERSONAL INJURY (INCLUDING DEATH) AND ALL OTHER HAZARDS ARISING FROM OR RELATED IN ANY WAY TO THIS EVENT.

Ticket Policy for Children

Children age (2) or younger do not need a ticket to enter PPL Park.  They must be seated on a parent or guardian’s lap.

As a season ticket members you will have the first right to keep your seats for the following year, barring any change in the number of seats purchased.  By reducing the number of season tickets on your account you become subject to relocation in order to avoid leaving a single seat in any row.  Renewals will start annually in August.

If you are interested in relocating your seat location for the next season you will have to renew your current seats and register for the relocation event by emailing prior to the October 1st renewal deadline.  All seats that are not renewed after the initial deadline will be dropped and other season ticket members will be able to relocate into those seats.

You will have the option to relocate over the phone or by coming to PPL Park at your assigned relocation date and time.  By signing up for the relocation process, you are not obligated to change your seats. If nothing better is available, you will still have your current seats secured. 

Renewal Payment Plan Options\

Option 1: Pay In Full

Option 2:Automated 6 Month Payment Plan
10% by October 1, 2013 (customer initiated payment – online or by phone)
10% on November 1, 2013  (automated payment)
20% on December 1, 2013  (automated payment)
20% on January 1, 2014  (automated payment)
20% on February 1, 2014  (automated payment)
20% on March 1, 2014  (automated payment)

The primary name listed on the account is the owner of record of the season tickets. Transfer of season tickets privileges must be made from the season ticket members of record and will be done only after approval of, and at the discretion of the Philadelphia Union.  Transfers will only be considered when the new recipient has been listed as a Secondary Contact on the account for at least one full year (365 days) and the account has been paid in full. 

Please note that season tickets may not be transferred from one season ticket account to another. All transferred season tickets will not maintain the same account data or status as the original account members .  However, you may retain this status if the tickets are transferred within the immediate family and proper documentation is provided.

Company accounts may be transferred to the principal of the same company. Written correspondence must be on corporate letterhead.

Current season ticket members are able to add seats to their existing account (maximum of 6 seats per account)

* Please note, that if you add seats to your account for another person, you WILL NOT be able to split your account into multiple names at any time.  All of the seats will remain under your name, and all contact information will be sent to you.  If you have a friend who wants seats, we recommend they create their own account.

Non-refundable deposits are $50 per seat and will be applied to your balance when you select your seat location (targeted for November). 

Waiting List deposits are for Full Season Tickets only.  Max of 6 seats per account

Season ticket members will have access to 17 regular season MLS matches and one additional match to be determined during the season.  Season ticket members will have first right of refusal for their same seat for any additional Union matches at PPL Park (including MLS Cup Playoffs, US Open Cup, and International Friendlies) and will also receive pre-sale opportunities for additional non-Union soccer matches at PPL Park.

2015 Full Season Ticket members receive a variety of benefits including:
· Guaranteed seats for 18 Union matches at PPL Park (17 regular season matches, plus one additional)
· Save up to 35% off of single game ticket prices!
· Ability to participate in the Union Season Ticket Members LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM
· FREE preferred parking for the entire 2015 season
· First right to renew your season seats (reducing the number of seats on your account may require a relocation of your season seats)
· Access to exclusive season ticket member gifts
· Invitations to season ticket member events
· Opportunities for discounted merchandise
· First right to purchase tickets for any home playoff matches
· Ability to forward your game tickets through an online account manager
· Access to the Philadelphia Union Ticket Marketplace to re-sell tickets to games you cannot attend
· A dedicated service representative to assist you with your season ticket experience  
· Post-game access to an 11,000 square foot Stadium Club (card carrying season ticket members only)

Club seat season ticket members will receive additional benefits including:
· Exclusive pre-game and in-game access to Stadium Club
· $180 in complimentary Union Dollars (per account)

The Supporters Section will be filled with passionate soccer fans whose purpose will be to create an intimidating atmosphere for the opposition while cheering the team on to victory. This section will stand, sing, and chant for all 90 minutes of the match. Please take this into consideration before choosing seats in this section.

To purchase full or partial season tickets in the Supporters Section, call 877-21-UNION to speak to a ticket representative.

Fans will not be permitted to wear away team colors in the Supporters Section.

Repeated violations or re-selling tickets in the Supporters Sections to non-supporter club members can result in termination of your season ticket account without refund. 

Season ticket account members are responsible for the actions of themselves
and any individual using their seats. 

CLICK HERE to become a member of the Sons of Ben.

By using your Season Ticket Card you will gain loyalty points for the 2015 season. As you surpass different reward levels you will be invited to participate in unique experiences and exclusive events during the year. These loyalty points can also be used to bid on items such as game-worn jerseys, access to exclusive events and unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that are only available for card-carrying season ticket members.
Loyalty Point System:

The Loyalty Point System is based on the number of points each individual seat on your account accrues over the year. For example, if you have four seats on your account and three of the seats reach a specific benefit level, then three of the four seats will receive the benefit.  Points will be reset at the end of each season.
How do I earn points?
There are many ways to earn points throughout the year, but the easiest way is just by coming to matches and scanning in using your Season Ticket Card. You can receive bonus points for entering the stadium early and Union victories. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to earn loyalty points throughout the year.

How do I use my points?
There are two ways to spend your loyalty points: 

1. Loyalty Rewards Levels:  As you gain points and surpass different levels you will be invited to participate in unique experiences and exclusive events listed below (per seat). Prize levels are as follows:

2. Season Ticket Members Auctions: You can also use your loyalty points by bidding on auction items that will be made available throughout the year.  You will be able to use the points from any season ticket card on your account for auction items. Through the online account manager, you will be able to pick which seats you want to pull points from. For example, if you have 100 points on each of 4 seats, and you only want to bid 300 points total for an item – you can select which seats to pull those 300 points from. Loyalty points will only be deducted if you have the winning bid(s).  Also included again in 2015 will be the opportunity to enter into a lottery format with your loyalty points during select auctions throughout the year.  Details for this will be outlined when a lottery auction is made available during the season.
How can I check my points?
Season ticket members have access to the Loyalty Points System through their online Account Manager. Log in at and click on the Loyalty Points link to see how many points each seat on your account has accrued.


Card-carrying season ticket members will also receive post-game access to the Stadium Club for home matches at PPL Park. Simply show your Season Ticket Card at the club entrance to gain access to all the amenities the club has to offer. Space is limited and will be first-come, first-served.


Account manager will allow you to access your ticket account online to update contact information (phone, address, email, etc…), transfer game tickets to another account members, view your order history, or purchase additional tickets.  To access Account Manager go to  

To log in you can use your email address, or your 9 digit account number with the password you created.

If you originally purchased your seats online your account was automatically linked.  If you purchased your season, group or individual tickets over the phone you will have to link your account if you haven’t done so already.  To link your account you can call 877-21-UNION (877-218-6466) and ask to speak to a ticket representative to get your Online PIN.  Once you receive your PIN you can click LINK YOUR ACCOUNT at the bottom of the Account Manager page.  Then enter your account/customer number and your online PIN, then click “ACTIVATE” to link your account.


Ticket Transfers:
By logging into your online Account Manager Full Season Ticket members will have the ability to transfer your tickets on a game by game basis.  After logging in to your account you can click on “Transfer Tickets” under the Manage My Tickets area.  Click on the “Transfer” link under the event that you want to transfer.  You will then be taken to a page where you need to select which seats you want to transfer, and enter the recipient’s contact info.  Once the transfer request is submitted, both the transferor and the recipient will receive emails.

The recipient will have 48 hours to accept or reject the transfer before it is voided.  Another email confirmation will be sent to both parties whether or not the recipient accepts or rejects the transfer. No transfers will be allowed within 2 hours of the game start time.

If the recipient accepts this invitation, they will need to log into their existing account or create a new account and proceed with the order as normal.  Another confirmation email will be sent once the order is complete.

If the recipient does not accept or reject the transfer, the invitation will expire in the specified number of days/hours and the system will act as though the transfer was rejected.  A confirmation email will be sent.

Print At Home:
When a Full Season Ticket member transfers an individual game ticket(s) the person receiving the tickets will have the option to print the tickets at home for no additional fee.  If a season ticket member needs to print their ticket(s) at home, they can transfer them to another email address, or call 877-21-UNION (877-218-6466) to have a Union ticket representative email them to you. 

Season tickets cards can be re-printed on general ticket stock.  The first time your seats are re-printed it will be complimentary.  There will be a $5 fee per order any addition time a ticket need to be re-printed.  Please note that the loyalty rewards program is on the card only, and not printed tickets so we encourage all season ticket members to use the cards.

Season ticket cards can be re-printed for $1 per card the first time, and $5 per card each additional time.


Alcohol, animals (except service animals), bottles, cans, beverage containers of any kind, food, coolers, fireworks, smoke bombs, firearms, weapons of any kind, laser pointers, missile/projectile like objects, streamers, noisemaking devices, megaphones, whistles, air horns, video cameras, camera lenses in excess of 8 inches, frisbees, balloons, beach balls, umbrellas, strollers (in seating area).  Flags or banners on poles, drums, drum sticks and musical instruments are prohibited unless authorized in advance by Stadium Management

BAG CHECK POLICY – Searches may be required at all entrances. Please leave all unnecessary items in your vehicle or at home.  Have bags and coats open for search as you approach the entrances.  Bags larger than 12” x 12” x 12” are not permitted and will not be held by staff during the event.

Monday - Friday                                                9:00 AM– 5:00 PM
Match days                                                       5 hours before kickoff – Half time

Monday to Friday                                              8:30 AM  – 5:30 PM

The Philadelphia Union currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Cash payments are also accepted at the box office.  Checks are only accepted two weeks in advance of game day for full or partial ticket plans as well as groups



TICKET FEES (International matches my vary):

Individual Ticket Sold via the internet (per ticket) Varies
Individual Ticket Sold over the phone (per ticket) Varies
Ticket Transfer  $0.00
Print at Home of Transferred Tickets (per order for Season Ticket Members) $0.00
Print at Home Delivery (per order for group and individual tickets) $3.00
Mail Delivery (per order) $6.00
Will Call (per order) $8.00
Express Mail $20.00
Season Ticket Card Reprint (1st time) $1.00
Season Ticket Card Reprint per order (each additional time) $5.00
Game Day Reprint at the Box Office (per order) $5.00

For Union Ticket Market Place Terms and Conditions CLICK HERE


Who can post tickets for sale on Union Ticket Marketplace?
2015 Union Full Season Ticket Members, who have set up an online Ticket Marketplace account, can post individual game tickets for sale. Please note, your season ticket account must be current in order to use Ticket Marketplace.

If you are a full season ticket member and need to set up an online account, CLICK HERE.
If you are interested in becoming a Union Season Ticket member, CLICK HERE

What can I sell on Union Ticket Marketplace?
Only game tickets are able to be sold on Union Marketplace.  Items such as parking, premium memberships, merchandise, or anything besides a game ticket cannot be sold on Union Marketplace individually or as part of a combination package.

Why should I use Union Ticket Marketplace as opposed to other third party resale sites?
Union Ticket Marketplace is a safe and secure site. The Union will facilitate the transaction: charging the buyer’s credit card and transferring monies to your account. In addition, the Union will facilitate the delivery of the tickets sell and deactivate the barcode on your original tickets. Union Customer Service is available to support all Union Ticket Marketplace transactions. Customer Service can be reached at 877-21-UNION (877-218-6466) or

How do I use the Union Ticket Marketplace?
To create your Ticket Marketplace account, you will need to have handy your season ticket account number, your season ticket account PIN and the email address on your season ticket account. Once you’ve created an online account, login to Ticket Marketplace using your username and the password you created during activation. 

Marketplace Functions
My Inventory: Displays tickets you have available to sell as well as the status of available tickets posted for sale.
My Market: Shows tickets you currently have up for sale and allows you to change your end date to withdrawal tickets that have not been purchased.
Sales History: Shows the tickets you have previously sold on TMP.
Buy Items: Takes you to the full list of tickets that are currently posted for sale. If you have posted tickets for sale, your tickets will appear in bold and will not have the buy button next to them.
Messages: Shows emails regarding your marketplace activity.
Profile: Allows you to edit your email address, password, contact number and email information.

What are the benefits of using Union Ticket Marketplace?
Union Ticket Marketplace, is a secure, online tool for Season Ticket Members to sell individual game tickets that are part of a full season package. Once your tickets are sold on Ticket Marketplace, your account will be credited for the amount of the sale, and the Union will handle fulfillment and delivery. Any credits earned through Ticket Marketplace will be applied to your account. You can apply this credit to your Union season ticket renewal or any addition Union ticket payments.  As the seller you can also opt to apply to have any credits refunded by check for any games sold at the end of the season.

How much can I sell my tickets for?
You choose how to price your tickets. They can be posted for a minimum of the face value of your ticket. (Please note: as a full season ticket member, your purchase price is discounted).

In accordance with state law, there is no maximum set price.  You will have the option to post tickets at a fixed price or make them available to bid on in an auction.

How do I post my tickets?
You will be able to post your season tickets for sale from the My Inventory page of your Ticket Marketplace account. To post your tickets for sale, simply click on the SELL button to the left of the desired event. You will then need to select the individual tickets you would like to sell as well as the amount of days and hours before the event you would like your sale to end. Click FINISH to post your tickets for sale. Please note posting tickets does not guarantee sale and any tickets that have not sold 4 hours prior to the start time of the game will be automatically withdrawn. You will receive email notification if this situation occurs.

Can I cancel the sale of my tickets?
In order to cancel a ticket sale, click on My Market from the menu bar. Then click the EDIT button for the sale you would like to cancel. To remove your tickets from the market, simply click on the Remove Items button on the following page.

If your tickets have already been purchased, it is not possible to cancel your sale.

What should I do once my tickets sell?
The Union will handle the financial transaction and delivery of tickets to the buyer.

If your tickets are purchased on the Ticket Marketplace, you will receive an email confirming the transaction, then; the barcode on your original tickets will be deactivated and become invalid. New tickets will be issued to the ticket buyer via the delivery method they select.

Please note: If, after they have been sold, admittance is attempted with the original tickets, all privileges to the Ticket Marketplace including, but not limited to, buying and selling via the Ticket Marketplace may be revoked.

How do I receive the credit I earn by selling my tickets on Ticket Marketplace?
Credit for tickets sold throughout the season are applied to your Union Season Ticket Account. At the conclusion of the season, you can choose to:
1. Keep the credit on account and apply to the following season’s tickets.
2. Use the credits for additional Union tickets.
3. Request a refund. You will receive a check for the full amount of your sold items at the end of the season.  Refund requests must be sent on or before December 1st of this season.

Refund requests must be made in writing and can be sent via:
Fax: (610) 497-3309 
Mail: c/o Union Ticket Office 2501 Seaport Dr | Switch House Suite 500 | Chester, PA 19013



Who can purchase tickets through Union Ticket Marketplace?
Union Ticket Marketplace is open to the general public.   Buyers must create an online account to be eligible for purchases.  CLICK HERE to set up your free online account.

Why should I use Union Ticket Marketplace as opposed to other third party resale sites?
Union Ticket Marketplace is a safe and secure site.  The Union will facilitate the transaction: charging your credit card and transferring monies to the seller.  In addition, the Union will facilitate the delivery of the tickets you purchase. Union Customer Service is available to support all Union TMP transactions. Customer Service can be reached at 877-21-UNION (877-218-6466) or

How do I buy tickets?
There are two ways to select the game for which you would like to buy tickets:
• Under "Market View" click "Buy" next to the appropriate game.
• Use the Search tool to locate specific tickets

You will then see specific tickets that are available. Follow the prompts through the event, billing and credit card Information. Click "Submit" to confirm the purchase.  Service fees apply to all buyer transactions.

Why can’t I find the game I’m looking for?
Tickets available on Ticket Marketplace are being sold by Union Season Ticket members. If no one has posted tickets for a game you are looking for, CLICK HERE to see if tickets are available through COMCASTTIX, our primary sales outlet. You can also check back closer to the date of the game, as season ticket members can choose to post tickets at any time.

What methods of payment are accepted through Ticket Marketplace?
All purchases must be made with a credit card. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted. 

What are the costs associated with purchasing tickets on Ticket Marketplace?
All tickets are offered at a fixed price or in an auction, as determined by the seller.  All purchases are subject to a 20% processing fee. Additional fees may apply based on the delivery method you choose.

How do I receive my tickets?
You will have the option to:
• Print your tickets at home ($3 processing fee per order): The printout will have an active barcode and will be accepted as a valid ticket.
• Pick up your tickets ($8 processing fee per order): Tickets will be available for pickup the day of the game at will call. Will call is located at the PPL Energy Plus entrance of PPL Park on Seaport Drive in Chester. Photo ID is required. Only the purchaser is permitted to pick up the tickets.
*Delivery fees vary by method.

What if I lose my tickets?
If you printed your tickets at home, you can log onto your Ticket Marketplace account and reprint your tickets. The barcode on the old tickets will automatically be deactivated and these tickets will be invalid. Your new tickets will be active and allow you to gain access to the building.
*Delivery fees may apply.

For all other questions about lost tickets, please contact Union Customer Service at 877-21-UNION (877-218-6466) or

How can I sell my tickets?
Only Union Full Season Ticket members can post tickets for sale on Union Ticket Marketplace. For more information on how to become a season ticket member CLICK HERE



Discounted group tickets can only be purchased through the Philadelphia Union front office.


·         Groups of 15 or more will receive a $5 discount off the individual ticket price and avoid per ticket fees 

·         Groups of 30 or more will have their group’s name displayed in lights on the stadium video board.

·         All tickets purchased as part of a discounted group package must be in the same price level

·         Special fundraising options apply in sections 102, 112, 122, and 132 for groups of 30 or more with a $10 discount per ticket.

Only season ticket plans (full or partial) and group purchases can be processed through the Philadelphia Union front office.  Any individual tickets purchased must be done so online at, through Comcast Tix or by calling 877-21-UNION (877-218-6466).



DELIVERY METHODS (Groups and Individual Tickets)

Print At Home:
At the time of purchase you can select to have your tickets emailed to you for $3.00 per order.

At the time of purchase you can select to have your tickets mailed to you via the United States Postal Service for $6.00 per order.

Will Call:
Tickets that are purchased within 7 days of the match will have the option to be left at Will Call for $8.00 per order.  Will Call orders cannot be left under multiple names.

Group and Individual tickets can be re-printed sent via email for a fee of $3.00, general mail for a fee of $6.00, or left at Will Call for a fee of $8.00 per order by calling 877-21-UNION (877-218-6466) and asking to speak to a Union ticket representative or through your online account manager.

Policies, procedures, and pricing for International matches will be handled on a case by case basis.  If an international game is not part of the season ticket plan, season ticket members will have priority access to purchase tickets.  If the game is in PPL Park season ticket members will be able to purchase their seats, if the match is at Lincoln Financial Field season ticket holders will have access to purchase all available price levels.

MLS clubs designate an area of their stadium for the away supporters.  Seats in these sections are sometimes very limited.  If you are interested in attending Union away matches and sitting with Union fans in the designated away supporters section you must purchase tickets through the Sons of Ben.    

If you do not want to sit in the designated away supporters section you can purchase tickets on your own by contacting the away team directly.  Prices for individual tickets will be higher and may include per ticket fees.


If a match or event is cancelled or rescheduled, information is immediately posted on and emailed to those on the mailing list. Please be aware there is no way contact individual ticket members other than on our website and email. If an event is cancelled, refunds will automatically be given to phone and online orders. Customers who purchased at the Box Office must return their tickets to the Box Office to receive a refund. If an event is rescheduled, tickets purchased for the original date will be honored on the new date. Refunds may be offered as well, depending on the event, and would be available at the Box Office up until the day of the new event date. Please check for updates on cancelled or rescheduled events.

Cancelled Event – a Cancelled Event is one that will NOT be made up.

Postponed or Rescheduled Event – A Postponed or Rescheduled Event is one that WILL be made up at a later date.