Season Ticket Cards & Union Rewards Program

By using your Season Ticket Card you will gain rewards points for the season. As you surpass different reward levels you will be invited to participate in unique experiences and exclusive events during the year. These rewards points can also be used to bid on items such as game-worn jerseys, access to exclusive events and unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that are only available for card-carrying season ticket members. Full season ticket members will be emailed when new auction items are made available.

You will be able to earn points by spending your Union Dollars at Talen Energy Stadium on concessions and merchandise.  For every Union Dollar that you spend per seat, you will get 1 bonus reward point for that seat.  So if you spend $50, you will get 50 bonus Rewards points!

Card-carrying season ticket members will also receive post-game access to the Stadium Club for home matches at Talen Energy Stadium. Simply show your Season Ticket Card at the club entrance to gain access to all the amenities the club has to offer. Space is limited and will be first-come, first-served.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a Union Season Ticket Member, CLICK HERE.

Union Rewards Program

The Union Rewards program will be based on the number of points each individual seat on your account accrues over the year. For example, if you have four seats on your account and three of the seats reach a specific benefit level, then three of your four seats will receive the benefit. 

How do I earn points?

There are many ways to earn points throughout the year, but the easiest way is just by coming to matches and scanning in using your Season Ticket Card. You can receive bonus points for entering the stadium early and Union victories. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to earn rewards points throughout the year.

  • 50 Point Matches: NYCFC (June 6th) - Montreal - Red Bull NY - Orlando City SC
  • 100 Point Matches: NYCFC (April 11th) - New England x2 - Toronto FC - DC United - Seattle - Portland - Chicago - Columbus (September 12th) - Houston
  • 150 Point Matches: Colorado - FC Dallas - Columbus (June 6) – Bonus Match (TBD)
  • 0 point matches:  DCU

Bonus Points Opportunities

  • Union Home Win Bonus: When the Union wins at home you will earn 20 bonus points for each season ticket card on your account that was scanned in at that game.
  • Early Entrance Bonus: When you use your season ticket card(s) to enter Talen Energy Stadium more than 30 minutes before kickoff you will receive 50 bonus points per card.
  • TV Bonus: You will have the opportunity to earn 20 bonus points per season ticket card on your account for watching Union away matches that are broadcast locally on 6ABC, Comcast, or The Comcast Network. TV code must be submitted via online account manager.
  • Merchandise and Concession Bonus: New this year, for every $1 you spend (per Season Ticket Card) in Union Dollars you’ll earn 1 point on that specific seat.  For example, if you spend $5 using the Season Ticket Card seat 1, that seat will earn 5 bonus points.  See page 2 for more information on the Union Dollars program.
  • AAA Membership Bonus: Are you a AAA Member?  Receive 20 bonus rewards points per seat by entering your account information HERE.  Once you fill out the information your points will be awarded to your account within 30 days.  *Points are only awarded the first time you fill out the information.

How do I use my points?

  1. Loyalty Rewards Levels: As you gain points and surpass different levels you will be invited to participate in unique experiences and exclusive events listed below (per seat). You will not lose any of your loyalty points by participating in the reward levels listed below.
  2. Season Ticket Members Auctions: You can also use your loyalty points by bidding on auction items and experiences that will be made available throughout the year.  You will be able to use the points from any season ticket card on your account for auction items. Through the online Account Manager, you will be able to pick which seats from which to pull points. For example, if you have 100 points on each of 4 seats, and you only want to bid 300 points total for an item – you can select which seats from which to pull those 300 points. Loyalty points will only be deducted if you have the winning bid(s).  Also included again in 2015 will be the opportunity to enter into a lottery format with your loyalty points during select auctions throughout the year.  Details for this will be outlined when a lottery auction is made available during the season.

Please note that points for the loyalty rewards program are only earned by using the season ticket cards. Points cannot be earned when using any type of paper ticket. Loyalty points are only valid for the season in which they are accrued in and do not carry over to the following season.

Season ticket members have access to the Union Rewards program through their online Account Manager. Log in at and click on the Loyalty Points link to see how many points each seat on your account has accrued.

Please note that points for the union rewards program are only earned by using the season ticket card.  Points cannot be earned when using any type of paper ticket. 


When you hear the Union Rewards bonus information during local broadcasts CLICK HERE and follow the steps below:

  • Log into your online account
  • Click “Manage My Loyalty Points”
  • Click “View My Loyalty Points”
  • Enter the TV Loyalty Code and click “Submit”