Check out the leaderboard after the first two legs of the Union II challenge

Philadelphia Union II are turning their time apart into a competition thanks to Head Coach Sven Gartung. The Union II Challenge was created by Gartung as a way for the Union II players and members of Philadelphia Union Academy to compete with one another while practicing not only their skills but social distancing.

The challenge started last week [click here for episode 1] and continued this weekend with challenge number two which can be seen above. After each challenge, Gartung rates the players and gives them points with the winner being named after the seventh challenge. Below are the Top 10 scores after Challenge Two:

1.Zach Zandi- 42 points
2.Adam Lenges- 40 points
T3.Jack McGlynn- 38 points
Cole Sotack- 38 points
5.Issa Rayyan- 36 points
T6.Danny Flores- 32 points
Yomi Scintu- 32 points
T8.Steve Kingue- 30 points
Axel Picazo- 30 points
10.Shanyder Borgelin- 16 points


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