Cory Burke

3 reasons you should vote Cory Burke for IBX Fearless Player of the Year

  • The Effort - Remember when you told your friends that Cory Burke was going to set MLS on fire? Remember when Cory Burke did it anyway by forcing himself into the lineup with a game after game of powerful, box-owning, attacking play? Yeah, that was good.
  • The Gamewinners - 5. Half of his league goals were game-winners. That's what you need out of the guy leading your line, and Burke collected his tallies by being absolutely locked in on owning the box when the Union had the ball. Remember his goal at Chicago? He crushed a man. 
  • The Physicality - One of the reasons CJ Sapong has been such a valuable player for the Union over the years is that his willingness to take a beating from opponents wears down defenders and gives them slow feet when Philly's wingers cut in and attack the box. Burke was able to bring that same bruising presence (and the same level of strangely unchecked abuse from behind) to his first season in the first team.

Think Cory Burke should be the IBX Fearless Player of the Year, vote here. Need more information, check out his Season in Review


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