Fafa Picault vs. Atlanta United FC

3 reasons you should vote Fafa Picault for IBX Fearless Player of the Year

  • The Late Game Heroics - Fafa scored two gamewinners and nearly had a third when he danced through most of Orlando City's defense late in the season. 
  • The Attitude - At some point in the future, someone will invent a language and decide that 'fafa' is translated to English as 'confidence.' Picault took over penalty kick duties in 2018, but even before then his self-belief bled into the rest of the team and kept them pushing to the end. 
  • He Doesn't Suck - The quote that is repeated most often is, "We've proved to people that we don't suck," but the key line comes later on. "Everybody thought we sucked." The recognition that the rest of the world didn't believe in the Union underscores that within Philly's locker room there was never any doubt about how good they could be. Fifty points and a little bad luck away from a home playoff match when most had picked them to finish below Orlando City. 

Convinced Fafa Picault should be our IBX Fearless Player of the Year, vote here. Need more information? Check out his Season in Review.


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