Player Conduct Guidelines

Player Behavior Agreement

  • As a player and ‘ambassador’ of Philadelphia Union and YSC, you are expected to set a good example to others by conducting yourself in an appropriate manner at all times.
  • You must not use foul or abusive language, or make remarks about race, religion, gender or ability.
  • You must never behave in a violent or aggressive manner towards others.
  • You must not deliberately cause damage to any property arranged by YSC Union Juniors for your use.
  • You must not use other people’s belongings without their prior permission.
  • The use of mobile telephones during Union Juniors and Academy training or events is not allowed unless in an emergency.
  • iPods or similar devices are not permitted during Union Juniors and Academy training or events unless permission is granted from the staff.

Player Conduct Agreement

  • I understand that the Philadelphia Union / YSC Academy is a special program demanding a high standard of behavior both on and off the field of play. I will use my best efforts to uphold this standard, and shall treat this opportunity as privilege not a right.
  • I agree that I am in charge of my OWN development as a player and I promise to take P.R.I.D.E. (Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence) in my training each and every day.
  • I agree I LOVE to play soccer and I understand my training is providing me a chance to demonstrate and improve my individual creativity and passion for the game!
  • I understand making mistakes is an important part of my learning process. I hereby grant myself the right to make mistakes and I agree I am willing to risk failure in order to achieve my full potential.
  • I agree to listen to the instructions the Union Academy coaching staff provide me because I understand they want to help me become a better player and a better person.
  • I understand if I can train my feet, I can train my mind. I therefore promise to adopt a positive sports attitude in order to give myself the best chance of learning performing at my highest level.
  • I agree to be respectful to others at all times. I agree to show respect to my coaches by listening, respect to my peers by positively encouraging them, and respect to YSC and Philadelphia Union by following the rules.
  • I agree to make all training sessions and shall personally inform Union Academy by email or telephone if I am unable to attend.
  • I promise to get proper rest because I understand that sleep is very important for my regeneration and development as an athlete.
  • I understand that nutrition is important for my long-term health and performance on the field. I agree to make a conscious effort to eat healthy foods to fuel my body so I can perform at my best.
  • I understand that YSC Union Academy training is designed to complement and support the efforts of my club team. I agree to support my club, my club coach, and my club teammates by being a positive contributor and leader.

Note: Players will be required to sign this document, which will be provided to them in their Sports Science Player Workbook.