Union Juniors


The Union Juniors program is free of cost for selected players (boys U9 - U12) and girls (U10 - U13) and provides supplemental training and competition opportunities for top players in Philadelphia Union’s Home Territory.  Our “club and country” format enables selected Union Junior youth players to remain registered with (and play games for) their local youth club teams.  Union Juniors are invited to Union Junior sessions for free supplemental training and/or competition opportunities to help develop and nurture their growth as players.  This “club-neutral” model enables Philadelphia Union and YSC to effectively partner with local youth clubs and share in the process of developing Philadelphia’s future.

For 2015–2016,YSC Union Juniors program will consist of player pools grouped in the following birth years:  2002–2006


Philadelphia Union is invite only for players from Philadelphia Union's home territory. Philadelphia Union and YSC have developed a regional scouting network to identify talent from within Philadelphia Union's home territory. Youth club Coaches, Directors of Coaching and/or club Presidents may also contact Philadelphia Union Academy at UnionAcademy@philadelphiaunion.com should that have a player they believe fits the profile of a Union Juniors player.