Bethlehem Steel FC picks up 3-2 preseason win over Chargers Soccer Club

Bethlehem Steel FC came out on top 3-2 against Chargers Soccer Club last night in their second preseason scrimmage of 2019. The match was intense and featured multiple lead changes, but a huge night from Union Academy midfielder Nick Blacklock proved to be the difference.

Steel FC played well from the outset, although Chargers Soccer Club proved to be a tough opponent and got on top through a fourth minute goal. Following a pre-planned set of substitutions in the 32nd minute, Brendan Burke’s men showed a new sense of urgency.

Blacklock took center stage when he scored two goals in quick succession in the 33rd and 40th minutes. The first came in the run of play, while he slotted home his second from a free kick in front of Chargers box.

Although Steel FC remained the stronger side, their opponents continued to cause trouble and leveld the score in the 70th minute.

But Blacklock was determined to drag Steel FC to a win. His beautiful service off a corner kick was met by Sekou Soumah for the game-winner in the 90th minute.

Although Chargers Soccer Club solid opponents, Bethlehem Steel FC were resilient and that mental toughness saw them through to the end.


BST – Nick Blacklock* (Shanyder Borgelin*) 33’, Nick Blacklock* (Unassisted) 40’, Sekou Soumah* (Nick Blacklock*) 90’

CSC – 4’, 70’


Bethlehem Steel FC: Lukas Burns* (Kris Shakes** 46’) – Trialist (JD Wagner* 46’), Sekou Soumah*, Michael Pellegrino* (Trialist 62’), Nathan Harriel* (Tonny Temple* 32’) – Cole Turner* (Axel Picazo* 32’) (Trialist 46’), James Chambers (Danny Flores* 32’), Trialist (Nick Blacklock* 32’), Zach Zandi (Selmir Miscic 32’) -- Faris (Patrick Bohui* 32'), Saed Diaz (Shanyder Borgelin* 32')


BST – Tonny Temple* 60’

BST – Trialist 74’


* = Union Academy


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