Media Policy and Credentials

Amanda Young Curtis
Director, PR and Communications
Office: (610) 990-4363
Cell: (484) 686-5718
Erica Scheer
Manager, PR and Communications
Office: (610) 497-6337
Cell: (617) 817-4014
Achilles Carmenate
Coordinator, PR and Communications
Office: (610) 497-6727
Cell: (305) 632-5554



In 2020, as in recent seasons, all full-season credential holders must confirm attendance for upcoming matches using an online RSVP system, which is linked below. RSVPs must be received 48 hours prior to kickoff to guarantee press box seating, space on the photo endlines, or media parking, which functions the same as it did in 2018.

Additionally, members of the media desiring to apply single-match credentials for any given Union match may do so via the above referenced online form.


Requests for single-match credentials must be made via the online form at least 48 hours prior to kickoff. Philadelphia Union Communications will notify all applicants of acceptance or rejection by 24 hours prior to kickoff. That notice will include parking and credential pickup information, if necessary. Those that have not applied via the online form will not be granted access.


In 2020 all full-season credential holders must confirm attendance for upcoming matches by emailing and RSVP to Achilles Carmenate. RSVPs must be received 48 hours prior to kickoff to guarantee press box seating or space on the photo endlines. Parking is free for Union II matches to both fans and media and is first come, first serve. 

Additionally, members of the media desiring to apply single-match credentials for any given Union II match may do so by contacting Achilles Carmenate. Requests for single-match credentials must be made via the online form at least 48 hours prior to kickoff. Philadelphia Union ll  Communications will notify all applicants of acceptance or rejection by 24 hours prior to kickoff. That notice will include parking and credential pickup information, if necessary. Those that have not applied by contacting Rob Hildreth will not be granted access.

Please note the following in regards to the USL Championship credential policy:

This credential is issued solely to provide stadium access to an individual with a legitimate working function at a game involving a member team of the USL. The bearer must be on a specific assignment (as employee or agent for the organization to which this credential is issued). It is non-transferable. Any unauthorized use of this credential subjects bearer to ejection from the stadium and possible prosecution for criminal trespass. Resale or attempted resale is grounds for seizure and cancellation.

The use of any and all media of USL events or excerpts thereof shall be limited to news coverage by the accredited organization, unless expressly authorized in writing by the USL. Any other use including, but not limited to: advertising, promotional contests and sweepstakes or other trade purposes requires prior specific written approval from the USL. Permission to film or tape USL games may be revoked at any time.

All ownership copyright and property rights in USL games, the telecast thereof and in the events and activities conducted in the stadium shall remain the sole property of the USL, and no such rights are conferred or to be conferred or created on behalf of any other person or entity by the issuance of this credential.

The bearer of this credential and his or her employer assume all risk and danger of personal injury and all other hazards arising from or related in any way to this event and shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless the USL, its member teams, other agents and employees from and against all liability, loss, damages or expense resulting from or arising out of his or her presence at the stadium. The bearer grants permission to the USL to utilize the bearer’s image, likeness or voice in connection with any broadcast, photograph or other production of this event via any media and for any purpose.


Please note that credentialing for Subaru Park events that are not Philadelphia Union matches are handled by that event's organizer, not Union Communications.


Philadelphia Union Communications can request credentials for members of the media desiring to travel to an away game on that member's behalf. Media members traveling to road games should submit requests for credentials to Union Communications no later than five (5) business days prior to the road game.



Members of the media needing to pick up credentials at the game must do so at the Media Will Call gate at Subaru Park, located directly in front of Lot B-VIP, in the stadium's southwest corner. Each person must pick up his or her own credentials and present corresponding photo identification. Media Will Call opens two hours prior to the scheduled kickoff. Media credentials will not be honored at any other entrance. All credentials are non-transferable. Professional behavior while in possession of a credential is expected at all times. Any unauthorized use will result in ejection from Subaru Park and confiscation of the credentials.


Parking spaces are available for members of the media. Members of the media seeking parking must make that request via the online form at the time of full-season credential RSVP/single-match credential application. All approved media members' names will be added to a list held by the parking attendant. Due to space limitations, please note that Philadelphia Union will not be able to accommodate all requests, especially if the request is made after the credential application deadline.


The press box at Subaru Park is located along the west side of the stadium on the third floor.  The press box will open two hours before kickoff. Admittance is limited to working media members with valid credentials and is intended for the purpose of providing a workplace for writers, reporters, broadcasters and game personnel. It is imperative that even full-season credential holders notify the Communications Department of their intention to cover a game in order to receive press box seating, via the online RSVP form. Family members and guests will not be accommodated in the press box. Abuse of press box privileges will result in forfeiture of a credential.


Game notes and statistics will be available in the press box. Statistics will be distributed to each seat at halftime and following the game. Periodic announcements will also be made during the game. Requests for research and information should be made to Erica Scheer and Achilles Carmenate.


Approximately 5-15 minutes following the conclusion of the game, a postgame press conference featuring the Union head coach will be held in the press conference room next to the locker rooms on the field level. Members of the media interested in covering the press conference should take a seat in the press conference room as soon as possible following the conclusion of the match.

Additionally, 15 minutes following the conclusion of the match, both the Union and the visiting locker room will be open to media for additional player interviews. Cooperation and professional courtesy is asked in maintaining a proper working atmosphere for postgame interviews. Absolutely no autographs are allowed during media access periods, and no still photographs are permitted in the locker room. Only those individuals that are working members of the press will granted access to the locker room. Family members and guests are not permitted. Members of the media are expected to not abuse the privileges of their credential, and should only utilize their credential to access the locker room area during this access period, beginning 15 minutes after the final whistle. Failure to comply with this rule will result in credential forfeiture.


Only working newspaper, magazine and network TV photographers and club/stadium officials with the proper field access are permitted on the field during the match. All bibs for field access may be picked up at the southwest corner of Talen Energy Stadium, and members of the media with field access should enter/exit the field at that point. Please see below for more information on photo bibs.


Still photographers holding proper credentials may position themselves along either endline at field level. Immediately prior to each match, photographers who wish to shoot the traditional pre-game team photo will be escorted on cue to the midfield sideline by photo marshals. Photographers will be instructed to walk only on the sidelines-never on the field of play-en route to these temporary sideline positions. Once team photos have been taken, photographers will be directed to quickly return to their endline photo positions. During the match, photographers are advised that they have restricted freedom of movement.  At no time during the game can photographers shoot from directly behind the goal. Also, movement from one end of the field to the other is allowed only at halftime on the sideline opposite the team benches. Still photographers do not have access to the locker room at any time.


Each accredited photographer will be issued a specially designed photo bib/vest provided by Philadelphia Union for identification purposes as a mandatory supplement to the credential. The photo bib serves as a temporary access control device and must be returned to the photo marshals area at the end of each match. The photo bib must be worn at all times while present at any photo position. Photographers in unauthorized shooting positions or not wearing a bib risk suspension of their credential. 


Food and beverages are available to working members of the media in the Media Dining Room on the press level.



During the regular season, training sessions typically run about 90 minutes and usually begin at 10:00 a.m. Training times can, and frequently do, vary. Members of the media who intend to cover training sessions on a regular basis should contact Union Communications to obtain the latest training schedule information and request interviews. Training sessions are open to the media for the final 15 minutes. No media members are allowed into the locker room before, during or after training sessions.


All interview requests for a player, coach or Union staff member must be made at least 24 hours in advance by calling or emailing Erica Scheer with Union Communications. Interview requests should never be made directly to a player.


The Union Head Coach's weekly press conference will be held in the press conference at Subaru Park, generally on Wednesdays at 12:30. The press conference will also be streamed live on To ask questions, reporters must either attend the press conference in person or call into the conference line. The Philadelphia Union communications department will provide the conference line number prior to the press conference, as well as if there is a change in day or time of the press conference.