Gnome jacket
Philadelphia Union Communications

Phil's favorite things III

Phil here, back to help you with some last minute gifts ideas you can grab via the Philadelphia Union online store which if you order today will arrive in time to be nestled next to the gifts under the tree.

First up, check me out in this Philadelphia Union sideline jacket by adidas. Nice right? Of course I know I wear it well, but you could too. Best part is it’s simple design, not a lot of flashy colors and whatnot going on, especially if you are a man of simple tastes and it's fleece lined…like me.

Oh and just a reminder that nearly everything is on sale for the holidays at the Union store and if you order by 5 p.m. today, it’s guaranteed to be there in time for Christmas.

Work gloves

Mom loves to garden. You love mom – these gloves are a match made in heaven. Actually, the appropriate name are "Union cool weather work wear utility gloves" but that’s not what I used them for. Mom either. These bad boys are durable, soft and are good for carrying cinderblocks or planting azaleas. Wish we would’ve given a complimentary pair of these to the construction guys who built the ramp leading to the stadium off I-95. Probably wouldn’t have taken so long…

Scarves, scarves and more scarves

What can I say, I’m a scarf guy. Yesterday, I showed you the Union Join or Die scarf  in signal blue. Well today, I’m sticking with the signal blue theme with the Union coaches scarf in signal blue and navy. It makes me feel important. Like John Hackworthe locker room. Okay maybe more like Carl Cherkin on “The 90th Minute.”

Or like when Amy Fadool moderates “State of the Union.” Yeah, more like Amy.

Have a good holiday. I’ll be back with some more gems. And hopefully we’ll get some news around here, so I can convince Kerith Gabriel to get back on the Daily Doop wagon, either that or he’s been asleep at this desk again (which is probably true).