Showalter Intermediate School Playground Clean-Up

With mud on their shoes and wet socks, several interns of Philadelphia Union, left the Showalter Intermediate School with a sense of pride, knowing that they just helped the community. The giant puddles, left by “Frankenstorm” were no deterrents as they cleaned up the playground located adjacent to the middle school in Chester. The clean-up effort – which will continue – included collecting trash on the playground, raking leaves off the soccer field, fixing the sponsorship panels – which surrounded the soccer field – removing graffiti off of the playground and reapplying woodchips to the playground floor. During the clean-up effort, the interns were greeted by four children of the Chester community who expressed gratitude as they offered their assistance in the cleaning up their neighborhood. When finished, the children left to go trick-or-treating, feeling they received an extra treat on Halloween Eve – not only did they receive candy but also an assurance of a clean and safe playground.