Union Fan Council

We at the Union have always had a “We are One” mentality, and want to further extend that to the great supporters of this club through this group.  The group selected will act as a voice and communication method for the rest of the Union supporters throughout the world. 

Topics for discussion will include items such as Ticket Programs, In-Stadium Experience, Gamedays, Community Initiatives, Concessions, Merchandising and much more.

Meet your Inaugural 2016 Fan Council:

  • Alex Armstrong
  • Jonathan Bach
  • Michael Baschoff
  • Scott Cooper
  • Mark Cornish
  • Robert Cucugliello
  • Cait Dalton
  • Robert Delaney
  • Aprilrae Ferguson
  • Tim Hampson
  • Mary Houlette
  • Mark Houlette
  • Staci Klemmer
  • Lee Narozanick
  • Jesse Noa
  • BJ Nolek
  • Scott Pezick
  • Jason Raguz
  • Gary Ross
  • Howard Silverstone
  • Adam Turkington
  • Donna Underwood
  • Nick Verna
  • Timothy Watts
  • Jamie Welbaum
  • Dwight Wilkinson