Aspiration, Inspiration, Mentorship

The AIM Project aims to address the harrowing effects of socio-economic inequality upon social mobility and to break the poverty cycle for every young person who wins a place on our Program. Driven by a desire to challenge the status quo, The AIM Project is particularly concerned in realizing a program that supports aspirational high school students from low-income backgrounds to maximize their personal, academic and professional potential, and to prosper. 

The AIM Project leverages a network of inspirational speakers, academic and professional mentors, innovative links to industry, universities and internship providers to foster the knowledge, skills and interests that will afford our scholars a better future and a brighter hope. Our success comes from high levels of strategic leadership, collaboration around a shared, moral purpose and our strong partnerships with world-class organizations and inspiring individuals.

Aspire Program

Scholars accepted into The Aspire Program will benefit from exposure to several departments of a major league sports team. Taster sessions, ‘learn and explore’ workshops and presentations culminate in a paid summer internship with Aspire Program scholars majoring in their chosen discipline. This experience is intended to focus a scholar’s mind on his/her next steps: university. ​​Supplementary SAT preparation and practice tests will be provided for all sophomores and juniors in the Aspire Program.

Inspirational Speaker Series

The Inspirational Speaker Series feeds our scholars’ hopes and desires. Our series of inspirational speakers will encourage students to look beyond their immediate environment, to open their eyes and minds to unthought-of opportunities, and to broaden their horizons. Students hear stories from people who have walked in their shoes, who understand the challenges they face and who overcame difficulties and beat the odds: “Yes, we can.”


Underpinning this final stage, each 12th grade Aspire Program scholar is personally mentored and coached through the college application process by volunteers who have been hand-selected by our leadership team.