Influenced By U: Find out which sports tags won!

Many designs were considered, but each local celebrity working with Philadelphia Union selected only a few favorites. 

Many votes were then cast by fans, but only one back tag could be a winner. 

And now the time has come to reveal which back tag designs -- influenced by Philly, by the biggest names in Philly, and by fans of Philadelphia Union -- came out on top. 

Zach and Julie Ertz

The Ertz's wanted their back tag choices to reflect their love of Philadelphia, and the winning tag certainly does that. A broad outline of Philadelphia's skyline, the back tag embraces the look and feel of the city where Zach won a championship and where Julie has become a vital part of the local community. Both are champions in their respective sports, but it's their dedication to helping Philadelphia continue to grow and thrive that has enshrined them as local heroes. 

Spike Eskin

One of Spike Eskin's favorite hats is from Mitchell and Ness and sports the Union logo. He wanted his back tag design to reflect his passion for the city of Philadelphia and the passion that the city itself can call forth when for the things it cares about. The pride back tag was the only tag to include multiple colors, and that's because it was necessary to show how the city reflects many people and ideas. And when Philadelphia sports fans cheer for their teams, they unite as one voice full of that pride and passion that is so important to Eskin. 

Jorge Alfaro

The liberty bell is one of the defining symbols of Philadelphia, and the snake is a defining symbol of the city's soccer team, Philadelphia Union. Jorge Alfaro grew up loving the beautiful game, and he has developed a love for the city of Philadelphia as a member of the Phillies. Alfaro's winning back tag combines his love of soccer, a sport many of his heroes have played, with the growing bond he has for Philly and the ideals it represents both historically and today. 

All of the winning back tags will be available at the Union team store throughout the 2019 season, and fans can select their favorite to personalize their jersey. More tag winners will be announced the coming days, so continue to check for the rest as they become available. 

And don't forget to RSVP for the jersey launch party on February 8, which will include appearances by Union players. 

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