Youth Staff


Earnie Stewart - Sporting Director
Tommy Wilson - Academy Director
Gary Lewis - Head Coach, Union Academy U17
Darren Back - Head Coach, Union Academy U17D
Chris Brewer - Head Coach, Union Academy U15
Kevin ColemanHead Coach, Union Academy U14
Phil Karn - Head Coach, Union Academy U13 and Union Juniors Pre-Academy
Iain Munro -  Director, Union Youth
Mark Lukanski -  Union Youth Coach
Fred DaSilva - Coach, Union Academy U12 and Union Juniors Pre-Academy
Jose Kleberson - Coach, Union Academy U12 and Union Juniors Pre-Academy
Jay Cooney - Goalkeeping Coach, Union Academy
Adrian Heredia - Goalkeeping Coach, Union Academy
Peter Pososki -  Director of Talent Identification
Daina Lecuona - Director, Academy Operations
Jim Pierce - Pre-Academy Manager
Tevin Nishiyama - Equipment Manager
Dr. Cristina Fink - Director of Sports Psychology
Bill Knowles - Director of Recondition and Athletic Development
Garrison Draper - Director of Performance
John Cothran - Sports Scientist
Jessica Gaburo - Athletic Trainer
Joh Anthony Rossi - Athletic Trainer
Eric Gorman - Athletic Development Coach


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