Union make history with first video review in MLS

During the Union's 3-1 victory against FC Dallas, the two teams made history, as a goal in the 79th minute triggered MLS's first video review in league history. 

John McCarthy was forced off his line to make a save on FC Dallas's Cristian Colman, who was in on a breakaway. After making the initial save, Colman kicked McCarthy in the midsection (going for the ball) as the rebound found its way to Maxi Urruti, who put a shot into the back of the wide open net. 

Video assistant referee Hilario Grajeda reviewed the play and though sufficient evidence to have referee Ricardo Salazar take a second look at the play. After going to the monitor, Salazar waved off the goal due to Colman committing a foul.

The review was the first of its kind in MLS, in just the second match video review was implemented in. 

Head Coach Jim Curtin expressed his thoughts after the match on video review, saying it did its job on the night, which was getting the call correct. 

"The ultimate goal is to get calls right, and it succeeded tonight, so that's what you want," Curtin said. "We were lucky to be on the end of the first review ever in the league’s history and on the good side of it. I think it accomplished its goal and now we move on to the next game."

McCarthy also was happy the goal went to video review, because he knew he was fouled.

"He kicked the hell out of me," McCarthy said. "I'm happy they did it right because it went in our favor. I'm sure there are going to be times where our team is not happy about it. It worked out well for us tonight. We’ll see how it goes and it was the first night of doing it so we'll see what happens."

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