Jawn of the Week: Video Review

Last weekend, MLS introduced fans to the new Video Review system. In the Union's 3-1 victory against FC Dallas, history was made after a goal in the 79th minute from Dallas triggered MLS's first video review in the league. 

John McCarthy was forced off his line to make a save on Cristian Colman, who was in on a breakaway. After making the initial save, Colman kicked McCarthy in the "midsection" (going for the ball) as the rebound found its way to Maxi Urruti, who put a shot into the back of the wide open net. 

After the video review was called into play, the referee decided to wave the goal.

The first video review, and the first overturned goal in MLS history, all because McCarthy got dooped in the onion bags. It's this week's Jawn of the Week. 

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