AAA Start Your Journey: Seth Kuhn

From an early age, Seth Kuhn knew he wanted to make a name for himself in soccer.

Kuhn is a midfielder for the U-16 Philadelphia Union Academy team, and recently committed to play four years at Duke University when he graduates high school in 2018. Kuhn received an invitation to play for the Union when he was with PA Classics a few years ago, but initially turned the offer down.

“I originally turned the offer down because I had been working with coaches that developed Christian Pulisic into the player he is,” Kuhn said. “I wanted to stick with that and see where that could go from.”

Kuhn continued to stay with PA Classics, but felt the level of training wasn’t where he wanted to be. He took the next steps and talked to his parents about switching teams.

“I then decided to email Phil Karn of the Union Academy now, and he said to come for a week trial and then asked me to join the Union Academy,” Kuhn said.

The commitment to the Union Academy wasn’t going to be easy for Kuhn and his family. Living over an hour away and still attending his public high school required his parents, Ted and Jill, to sacrifice work in order to get Kuhn to and from practice.

Kuhn does not attend school at YSC, and is instead released from school an hour early to make it to practice on time. His dad picks him up from school and drops him off at practice, and his mom leaves work to bring him home afterwards.

“Its worked out really well and I’m super appreciative of them,” Kuhn said.

Soccer allows Kuhn to express his creative side, and that the sport works like a puzzle. But getting good at fitting the pieces together earned Kuhn his spot on the Duke University team. Kuhn is aware that he may not be a starting player his freshman year, but it’s something he’s going to work extremely hard for.

“My recruiting class for 2018 is number one in the country, so hopefully by sophomore year my class can make an impact on the Duke program and hopefully we can put things into gear and bring Duke back to where it was 15-20 years ago,” Kuhn said.

At Duke, Kuhn hopes to develop skills that will help him become an future MLS player. He constantly is finding ways to improve and be the best player he can be, and the Union Academy has helped him get to the place he is today.

“My goal will be to be entered in the MLS Draft, and if the Union pulls a home grown switch on that, that’d be awesome. If not, I’d be happy to go in the draft with any team that picks me,” Kuhn said.

Although his journey has been exciting, it wouldn’t have been possible without hard work and dedication to the sport. He continuously puts in long hours of practice every day, and finds himself always challenging himself to become a better player. Even if he doesn’t want to practice that day, he still heads to the pitch because he knows just how important daily routine is to creating and maintaining success.

“Things will become natural and you can start to work on more difficult aspects of the game,” Kuhn said. “Train your mind to see the game and read the game. As you get older, it’s super important because everyone is basically equal athletically.”

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