Ray Gaddis teams up with Honeygrow to distribute meals to the homeless

Ray Gaddis has adopted Philadelphia as his community, frequently going out into the city to help those less fortunate than he. Tuesday morning, Gaddis teamed up with Honeygrow to distribute meals in Philadelphia to the homeless. 

"I teamed up with Honeygrow to pass out food to the homeless made by the wonderful Honeygrow team," Gaddis said. "People need meals and people are in need."

As the temperature starts to drop, especially following a night where the low got into the 30s, Gaddis and Honeygrow wanted to distribute hot meals to those who may not have access to it. Together, they handed out 50 stir-fry meals, giving the homeless a hot meal, and one that was healthy. 

After distributing meals in the morning, Gaddis went back to Honeygrow to grab 50 salads, where he distributed those healthy meals to the homeless. 

"With the weather taking a turn for the colder end, we wanted to provide something warm in the beginning," said Kyle Huff of Honeygrow. "Everybody's been really gracious and really appreciative of what we were doing. It's not much, it's not going to solve every problem, but a nice warm, healthy meal always helps. Very thankful, and it makes us feel so great."

In total, Gaddis and Honeygrow distributed 100 meals to the homeless community, just another effort of Gaddis to positively impact the homeless community within Philadelphia.  

"For me, a city that's given me so many memories, so many blessings, I think it's vital that when God blesses you, he wants you to bless others," Gaddis said. "I've been fortunate to have people at Honeygrow and the Philadelphia Union to help me with this process."

Gaddis has made it a point to give back to the Philadelphia community throughout his time with the Union. And he hopes through his dedication to the community, others will follow suit as well.

"I hope this sparks other actions within the city," Gaddis said. "I'm not looking for any notoriety or anything, but just for others to do the same. I think at times we look past that we have more than enough to give and spare toward others. So I'm just trying to do my part."

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