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Ways to get ready for the 2018 MLS season

The Union are just a month into the offseason, but it already seems like it’s been so long since the team has played a match. The worst part is, there are still three months until the MLS season begins. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. These are just some ways for you to keep busy and keep looking forward to the new MLS season.

Re-create classic games

Italy vs. (West) Germany. Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich. Liverpool vs. AC Milan. You just need to mention the teams and everyone knows exactly what game you’re talking about. Whether it’s on FIFA 18, FIFA Street, Pro Evolution Soccer or any other soccer game, you can spend hours on hours playing classic games from throughout soccer’s history.

Join a League

Nearly every soccer fan likes watching games just as much as playing the sport. So what do you do when there aren’t any games on? Join a rec league. From Philadelphia Sports Leagues to indoor pick-up games at Starfinder or YSC, joining a league by yourself or with friends is a great way to spend the winter months. And before you know it, spring will roll around and soccer will be back.

Study Up

The offseason presents a great opportunity to learn more about the game of soccer. There are thousands of soccer books fans can read, and there’s always an endless supply of transfer rumors and profiles on players around the world. Being a soccer fan isn’t just an in-season phenomenon, and there’s a lot more time to consume information during the offseason.

Watch the Academy

With the Union Academy being a developmental program, the teams play all year round instead of a set schedule like professional leagues. That means during the offseason, the Union Academy still plays games. Spend some time watching the future of the Union by attending games and keeping track of the Academy. You’ll get a good look at who may be producing for the first-team in the not-so-distant future.

Literally Anything

Stare out the window. Create a calendar to count down the days. Twiddle your thumbs. Do something to keep yourself busy, because it’s still three months until soccer picks back up, and it can’t come any sooner. 

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