2017 MLS Expansion Draft: What you need to know

The league's newest member, LAFC, will take another step toward filling out their roster tomorrow, December 12th, at 2:00pm in the 2017 MLS Expansion Draft. 

LAFC will be permitted to select up to five unprotected players in the draft, and no more than one from each club. During the draft, there are no trades permitted, no timeouts, and LAFC are only permitted three minutes per selection. The draft will move quickly, even if LAFC use all allotted time and make five selections.

This year's Expansion Draft exposes clubs to less risk than previous years. With two teams entering the league last season, 10 clubs were in danger of losing a player. In 2014 and earlier years, each expansion club was permitted to take 10 players, up to two players from a given club.

While the Draft procedure is relatively straightforward, there is a lot of nuance in how teams are able to put together their Protected Player list. Each club was able to protect 11 players between their Senior, Supplemental and Reserve Rosters. Generation adidas and Homegrown players on the club's Supplemental or Reserve roster are automatically protected, and do not take up one of the 11 available protected slots. To see the full list of our protected players, click here.


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