INKED: Fabinho

INKED: Behind Fabinho's Tattoos

Philadelphia Union veteran defender Fabinho has been a role model for the club as he enters his sixth season for Philadelphia. The Brazilian has appeared in over 110 matches in his career and is a leader in a locker-room that became significantly younger as the 2018 season began. For Fabinho, his dedication to his family is what drives him and his body art reflects that.

Fabinho has multiple tattoos on his body and they have the same overall theme. It is the major aspects of his life and the importance of them are reflected in the art his displays.

“I love my tattoos because I have God on my back, and I have my son’s name on my elbow, they’re very important,” Fabinho said.

Faith and family are what drives the left back each day. Whether it’s on the pitch or in his personal life, Fabinho has made sure his family has a monumental influence on his life.

The day his son David was born, the impact was so great for Fabinho that he decided to act on it through the form of a tattoo.

“I was very happy when my son was born and I wanted to put his name. On my back I put God is my life, because it’ the truth, God is my life.” Fabinho said.

Tattoos have different meanings for each person who decides to have artwork displayed on their body. In the case of Fabinho, the reason is simple — he wants to show what means the most to him. The reason behind the type he chose and why is pretty simple.

“I don’t have them on me for luck. I think for everyone it’s different. Maybe the tattoo is confidence for you, but for my tattoo, I don’t like pictures. That’s why I put names, like my son’s name is David," Fabinho said.


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