Re-DOOP: Sons of Ben

Re-DOOP: Sons of Ben

There is one thing that separates soccer fans from the normal sports fans. Supporter's clubs.

Sure, other sports franchises have super fans, ones that attend every game and who "live, breathe and die," by their team. But they don't compare to supporter's clubs like the Sons of Ben.

The Sons of Ben are the reason why the Union are around today. The group formed in 2007 in an effort to bring a soccer team to Philadelphia. The group formed supporting a non-existent team, and they traveled around MLS to major events such as the MLS Cup and MLS All-Star Game just to show their support for Philadelphia. 

Their message was heard loud and clear, and Philadelphia was awarded a team in 2008, and the Union played their first game in 2010, in front of a raucous Sons of Ben crowd. 

Since then, the Sons of Ben have been a constant presence with the club. Every match at Talen Energy Stadium, the Sons of Ben march in droves from Lot A to the River End to chant, sing and celebrate throughout the match with the Union. 

Sons of Ben brings those together who all love one thing: the Union. Coming from all parts of the Delaware Valley, the supporter's group creates a second family for most members, one who spends Saturdays and Wednesdays together rooting for the Union and sharing in their passion for soccer. 

The Union and Sons of Ben have worked together throughout the years as well. There's a mural painted by Ryan Bross of the Sons of Ben in Talen Energy Stadium at the Supporter's entrance. The Union held a Sons of Ben Appreciation Night this season, in honor of the organization's 10th anniversary. And the Sons of Ben hold Help Kick Hunger every month, a food drive benefitting Bernadine Center in Chester. The philanthropy event is the largest such event for the supporter's group of the season, where food goes to helping low-income Chester area residents by distributing emergency and supplemental food.

Supporters' sections are unique to soccer, and it's what makes it the best sport in the world. The Union have one of the best in MLS in Sons of Ben. Re-DOOP today, and help cheer on the Union with the Sons of Ben.

To learn more about the Sons of Ben or join the supporter's group, click here

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