Re-DOOP: Family

Season Tickets: Family

It's no coincidence you hear the words "family" often around Talen Energy Stadium.

From fans to the front office, everyone feels like the Union are a second family. The Sons of Ben often refer to the organization as a second family. People bond together and become as close as brothers or sisters, which often happens when spending Saturday after Saturday together and sharing a same passion.

The same happens with the first team. Players often refer to to the team as a family. Sporting Director Earnie Stewart and Head Coach Jim Curtin have referred to the team as a family before. 

The Union are also committed to being a family-orientated organization. Walking around Talen Energy Stadium, you'll see fans of all ages at the match. From new borns to senior citizens, the Union is an event anyone can enjoy.

The team has family meal deal packages, so families can affordably attend matches. Halftime entertainment often features youth soccer teams playing each other. There are ball kids, player walk-out kids, and more. 

For eight seasons, the Union have been Philly's second family. And with the best fan experience in Philadelphia, we hope to continue to be. 

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