Season Tickets: Rise

There are always moments that cause fans to rise out of their seats. An attack on the opponent's net, when the ball finds the back of the net, Andre Blake flying through the air to make a diving save.

These plays cause fans to get out of their seat due to the excitement of the match. It's a feeling that forces you to your feet. It's what makes sports great.

The Union are a team that pushes to rise, in many different ways and factions. Like every other team, the organization wants to rise through the standings, to be at the top of the table every season. Players want to rise to the top of their positions, to be at the top of the golden boot or golden glove race. Every aspect of the organization strives to be the best it can be. 

Much of that comes through the play of the team. The team is a hard-working, blue collar team. It plays a physical style, one where the team grinds for the ball and scoring opportunities. Because of the playing style and being a Philly-tough team, it resonates with the fan base.

Players earn their playing time through practice, having to elevate their game during training sessions in order to crack the starting lineup. That constant competition for positions and playing time allows the team to be the best form it can be.

The journey to get to the first team is all about rising through the ranks. Players start out at Union Academy and take the path to the pros, working their way through the Academy and eventually Bethlehem Steel FC. Players develop their skills throughout the journey, constantly getting better and becoming more tuned into the Union style of play. It all comes together when they're on the first team.

But what may be most important is that Union players are role models for the next generation of players. Kids look up to the Union, and the players show what it means to be a professional soccer player, both in terms of play and work ethic. These players have to rise to the occasion and be the the best person and player they can be. 

There are many moments throughout a soccer match and season that causes people to rise. Whether it be players rising to the moment or fans rising for a goal or major save. But they're always moments fans never forget. Be there in 2018 to remember next year's moments.

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