Player Escorts On-Field Youth Mini Game Mid-Field Banners
Group Size: 100+ tickets
11 kids (age 12 or younger) will walk with the Union or the visiting team on to the field as part of the pre-game procession. Participants will receive a Union replica jersey, shorts, and socks.
Group Size: 80+ tickets
Players of all skill levels, age 12 or younger, will get to play in a 7v7 Mini Game on the pitch following a game (Max of 16 players in each game)
Group Size: 40+ tickets
40 members of your group (age 10 or older) will get to carry a massive Union Banner near midfield as part of the pre-game ceremonies. (2 banners, 80 per banner)
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Field Level Photo Benchwarmers Flag Bearers
Group Size: 40+ tickets
A maximum of 40 total members will get to have a Group Photo taken from down on field level by the pitch
Group Size: 40+ tickets
Tickets 18 members from your Group will get to sit on the Union bench and watch Pre-Game Warmups.
Group Size: 40+ Tickets
Twenty (20) members of your group (between ages 8-14) will help carry one of the team flags onto the field as part of the pregame ceremonies (2 flags per game, 10 participants per flag)
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Color Guard Field Level Access - Pre-Game Warmups  
Group Size: 20+ tickets
All uniformed members (8 or less) from your Group (age 14 or older) will lead the on-field procession and present the flags during Pre-Game Ceremonies and National Anthem.

Group Size: 25+ tickets
25 members from your from your Group will be able to watch pre-game warmups from down on Field Level

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*All Rewards and On Field Experiences subject to availability*