Ticket Marketplace Seller's Guide

Who can post tickets for sale on Union Ticket Marketplace?

Philadelphia Union Full Season Ticket Holders, who have set up an online Ticket Marketplace account can post individual game tickets for sale. Please note, your season ticket account must be current (current season) in order to use Ticket Marketplace.

Click here if you are a full season ticket holder and need to set up an online account.

Click here if you are interested in becoming a Union Season Ticket Holder.

What can I sell on Union Ticket Marketplace?

Only game tickets are able to be sold on Union Marketplace. Items such as parking, premium memberships, merchandise, or anything besides a game ticket cannot be sold on Union Marketplace individually or as part of a combination package.

Why should I use Union Ticket Marketplace as opposed to other third party resale sites?

Union Ticket Marketplace is a safe and secure site. The Union will facilitate the transaction, charging the buyer’s credit card and transferring monies to your account. In addition, the Union will facilitate the delivery of the tickets sell and deactivate the barcode on your original tickets. Union Fan Service is available to support all Union Ticket Marketplace transactions. Fan Service can be reached at 877-21-UNION (877-218-6466) or fanservices@philadelphiaunion.com.

How do I use the Union Ticket Marketplace?

To create your Ticket Marketplace account, you will need to have handy your season ticket account number, your season ticket account PIN and the email address on your season ticket account. Once you’ve created an online account, login to Ticket Marketplace using your username and the password you created during activation.

Marketplace Functions:

  • My Inventory: Displays tickets you have available to sell as well as the status of available tickets posted for sale.
  • My Market: Shows tickets you currently have up for sale and allows you to change your end date to withdrawl tickets that have not been purchased.
  • Sales History: Shows the tickets you have previously sold on TMP.
  • Buy Items: Takes you to the full list of tickets that are currently posted for sale. If you have posted tickets for sale, your tickets will appear in bold and will not have the buy button next to them.
  • Messages: Shows emails regarding your marketplace activity.
  • Profile: Allows you to edit your email address, password, contact number and email information.

What are the benefits of using Union Ticket Marketplace?

Union Ticket Marketplace, is a secure, online tool for Season Ticket Members to sell individual game tickets that are part of a full season package. Once your tickets are sold on Ticket Marketplace, your account will be credited for the amount of the sale, and the Union will handle fulfillment and delivery. Any credits earned through Ticket Marketplace will be applied to your account. You can apply this credit to your Union season ticket renewal. As the seller you can also opt to apply to have any credits sent by check for any games sold at the end of the season.

How much can I sell my tickets for?

You choose how to price your tickets. They can be posted for a minimum of the face value of your ticket. (Please note: as a full season ticket member, your purchase price is discounted). In accordance with state law, there is no maximum set price. You will have the option to post tickets at a fixed price or make them available to bid on in an auction.

How do I post my tickets?

You will be able to post your season tickets for sale from the My Inventory page of your Ticket Marketplace account. To post your tickets for sale, simply click on the SELL button to the left of the desired event. You will then need to select the individual tickets you would like to sell as well as the amount of days and hours before the event you would like your sale to end. Click FINISH to post your tickets for sale. Please note posting tickets does not guarantee sale and any tickets that have not sold 4 hours prior to the start time of the game will be automatically withdrawn. You will receive email notification if this situation occurs.

Can I cancel the sale of my tickets?

In order to cancel a ticket sale, click on My Market from the menu bar. Then click the EDIT button for the sale you would like to cancel. To remove your tickets from the market, simply click on the Remove Items button on the following page.

If your tickets have already been purchased, it is not possible to cancel your sale.

What should I do once my tickets sell?

The Union will handle the financial transaction and delivery of tickets to the buyer.

If your tickets are purchased on the Ticket Marketplace, you will receive an email confirming the transaction.  The barcode on your original tickets or Cards will be deactivated and become invalid. New tickets will be issued to the ticket buyer via the delivery method they select.

Please note: If, after they have been sold, admittance is attempted with the original tickets, all privileges to the Ticket Marketplace including, but not limited to, buying and selling via the Ticket Marketplace may be revoked.

How do I receive the credit I earn by selling my tickets on Ticket Marketplace?

Credit for tickets sold throughout the season are applied to your Union Season Ticket Account. At the conclusion of the season, you can choose to:

  1. Keep the credit on account and apply it to your season ticket renewal for the next season.
  2. Request a check. You must submit a written request for a check via fanservices@philadelphiaunion.com. You will receive a check for the full amount of your sold items at the end of the season. Checks are issued within 60 days of the end of the season.