It's our differences that define us. It's our diversity that unites us. For the 2022 adidas UNITY Pre-Match Jersey, U.S. roses and Canadian bunchberries come together in a colorful pattern to represent the two nations—and one league—we play for. Because no matter the season, we move best together. 

The Philadelphia Union visited the 2022 Philadelphia Flower Show at FDR Park. The 2022 Flower Show welcomes all on a journey to explore the restorative and healing power of nature and plants while experiencing all that gardening offers to improve our lives.

The Show’s theme “In Full Bloom” connotes good health, positive well-being, and a passion for life that culminates in a gorgeous and colorful spectacle. Tying into the design and messaging of the adidas UNITY Pre-Match Jersey, our players posed with  breathtaking displays by the world’s premier floral and landscape designers.


Arrange, Floral and Event Design

Eric Schellack, the free-spirited creative force behind Arrange Design has been creating innovative designs throughout the Philadelphia Region for over 20 years. Eric, as a designer, has had the privilege to share his floral designs as far as Mexico, Singapore and Hawaii. Eric has been proud to participate in the Philadelphia Flower Show with Arrange Design for the past 5 years. Arrange is a full service design company that focuses strictly on event design and looks to create sculptural, creative and original ways to bring your special moments to life. Arrange Design is located in Haddonfield New Jersey, please visit www.arrangedesign.com for more details and information.


Auburn University Landscape Architecture Program (Mixed Shades, Much Joy)

Auburn University's Graduate Landscape Architecture Program has joined forces with Conquer The Soil to create this exhibit. Conquer the Soil is led by Abra Lee, a horticulturist extraordinaire. In the Spring of 2022, Abra taught an advanced seminar in the MLA program that unpacked the rich stories, histories, and legacies of prominent black gardeners, horticulturalists, and landscape architects. All too often overlooked (even suppressed) and rarely documented in the Euro-centric narratives that dominate the discipline of landscape architecture, this course profiled hidden figures of the field. Among them were: Wormley Hughes, an enslaved African-American who was head gardener at Monticello and dug Jefferson's grave; Annie Vann Reid, an ex-teacher turned entrepreneur in South Carolina who owned a five-acre greenhouse and nursery in the 1940s that sold millions of plants and seeds; David Augustus Williston, a graduate of Cornell University and the first African-American landscape architect, a student of Liberty Hyde Bailey, and the designer of the Tuskegee University campus; and finally Effie Lee Newsome, a nature poet and Harlem Renaissance writer that ultimately became the inspiration of this exhibit.


David Rubin - Land Collective (Embrace)

DAVID RUBIN Land Collective is a landscape architecture, urban design, and planning studio committed to practicing with an emphasis on socially-purposeful design strategies. The studio is dedicated to crafting landscapes that create positive change through cross-disciplinary collaborations and the synthesis of art, technology and the social sciences to create human-centered works. It is an appreciation for empathy that drives the studio's design process. Their practice emphasizes holistically-sustainable design principles, with social sustainability leading the design effort. Life is what happens between buildings. Since a successful space is one that's well attended, the success of their design depends on how people engage each other in it, no matter what the scale.


Jennifer Designs (Bloom Room)

Jennifer Reed strongly believes floral design and all forms of art should make you "feel," immerse you in the design and -- most importantly -- be fun! She has been creating distinctive floral designs for events for over 20 years at her company, Jennifer Designs, and gained experience in the retail end of the industry, having grown up in her family's floral business. Jennifer creates pieces that emphasize sculptural composition in design and focus on items found in nature, invoking feeling through color and paying attention to design details. Her design philosophy is to incorporate all forms of art and translate them into floral form.


Schaffer Designs

Schaffer Designs is Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt. They are diverse floral industry contributors extending into weddings, floral installations, destination events, global educational programs, showroom design and product development. Schaffer Designs combines their creative vision and technical skills to break out of age-old flower stereotypes to bring exquisite and unexpected floral creations that infuse the public's view of flowers with new energy.


Polycarp Flowers

Polycarp Flowers, a studio florist based in Summit NJ, continues to enhance building lobbies, offices, hotels, and department stores with thoughtful and experiential designs. Daica Skrobala, the owner and lead floral designer of Polycarp Flowers, is a graduate of NYU and the New York Botanical Garden Floral Design Program. She is also a member of the Summit Garden Club. Polycarp Flowers' work has been showcased in the 2021 & 2019 Macy's Flower Show. In the media, Daica Skrobala was one of the featured florist/growers in Small Plot: Big Impact, an e-book published by FloretFlowers and in the November 2021 issue of French Magazine Lilididit.


Jacques Amand LLC

For over 90 years, Jacques Amand has offered flowering bulbs of many varieties to discerning gardeners. The company began as a flower shop in the London Strand when Jean Jacques Amand arrived from the Netherlands in 1927. Since then, the company has grown to become a major supplier of bulbs from well-established favorites to the rare and unusual and is renowned for the diversity and quality of bulbs offered to customers in many countries. Still a family business, Jacques Amand participates in many world-famous flower shows, including the Chelsea Flower Show in London, the Philadelphia Flower Show, the Hampton Court Palace International Flower Show, and many regional shows in the UK.


Fresh Artists

Fresh Artists is an innovative nonprofit empowering compassionate, creative and capable young people to tackle the critical shortage of arts funding in our public schools. We create real-life opportunities for kids to engage as philanthropists, to exhibit their artwork in high-profile places for decision-makers to see, and to deliver innovative visual art programs and art supplies to public schools struggling with shrinking budgets. Fresh Artists is honored to work with the hundreds of children represented in its collection and the art teachers who ignite their creativity -- inspiring them to share their stories.