Q. Why does www.Union5050.com require my location and/or why am I receiving the following prompt: https://Union5050.com would like to use your current location? 
Your current location is required to confirm eligibility.  The raffle will be offered only withing the proximity of Subaru Park (the “Raffle Area”).  Void outside the Raffle Area and were prohibited by law, rule, or regulation.

Q. What if I already selected “Don't Allow”?
Reloading the page should cause you to be prompted to share your location again.  If you have specified that you never want to share your location, you will need to go into your settings to allow.  See below for instructions.

Q. What if I receive the following prompt: “You must allow your browser to share your location to purchase tickets”, please click “OK” to reload this page, then be sure to allow your browser to share your location to share your location when prompted? / .
The browser should reload the page and ask you to share location upon loading.  Please note: In some browsers, the popup may say “close” instead of “OK”.

Q. I entered the incorrect email and did not receive my tickets, how can I get my tickets resent? 
Please go to the Contact page and request that the raffle Manager email you the tickets you purchased.

Q: What if I cannot purchase tickets on www.Union5050.com due to Location issues?
You may have told your browser to never share your location.  You need to change that setting to allow sale.

For iOS devices:

  1. Go to the Settings App.
  2. Go to Privacy.
  3. Go into Location Services.
  4. Ensure “Location Services” are on.
  5. Scroll down and click “Safari Websites.”
  6. Make sure that Allow Location Access is set to “While Using the App.” Chrome has the same setting if you are using that instead.

For Android (though this may vary by version):

  1. Go to Settings App.
  2. Go to Location and make sure that it is on.
  3. Go back to previous screen and go to Apps.
  4. Go to Chrome.
  5. Click Permissions.
  6. Ensure that Location is enabled.
  7. Note: If you are still experiencing problems, go to a maps app and see where it places you.


Q. Where does the other half of the total pot go?
For more information about the Philadelphia Union Foundation and its programs, please visit https://www.philadelphiaunionfoundation.org

Q. Do I need to be present to win?  
No.  For more information on the rules, please check out the rules page.

Q. Where can I find the winning number?  
The winning number will be (i) announced through the PA at the end of the match, (ii) found at www.union5050.com/winners, (iii) posted on the Union's Fan Services Account on X, (iv) on the Union Site.

Q. If I have the winning ticket, how do I claim the prize? 
If you have the winning number, to claim your prize please email foundation@philadelphiaunion.com with a picture of the winning ticket.