Cintron World's Soccer Mom of April | Kerensa Burns

April Soccer Mom SOC

Cintron World, a lifestyle beverage company, is proud to recognize Kerensa Burns as their latest Soccer Mom of the Month for 2023.

My name is Kerensa Burns, I have been married for almost 9 years and have an amazing daughter who loves soccer. Soccer has always been a huge part of my life.  I grew up playing soccer from the age of 5 until I was 17.  It became a bonding experience with my grandmother and younger brother.  Now it is with my daughter, and she loves going to games.  I even coach her Soccer Rec league these days, and she calls me, “Coach Mom”.  Going from Soccer Player to Soccer Mom has been so much fun.  I enjoy watching my daughter grow to love the game as much as me.  Soccer will always mean so much to me because it bonds the different generations of my family!

Cintron World is honored to support a Soccer Mom of the Month campaign, as it is a brand that gives back and a company that aims to inspire people to live their best lives. Cintron is an aspirational lifestyle beverage brand that offers premium bottled waters and energy drinks with quality ingredients and great taste. Cintron's lines of Sparkling Flavored Energy Drinks can be purchased throughout Subaru Park in concessions on gamedays and at events, as well as in the Stadium Club, Tunnel Club and all Suites. To learn more about Cintron, please visit: or join the lifestyle on all social platforms @cintronworld. For more information on the partnership, please visit