Deja vu: Expect Sons of Ben in full force at Thursday's SuperDraft...just like in 2010

Sons of Ben SuperDraft

When the MLS SuperDraft takes place Thursday afternoon at the Convention Center, many clubs will be represented by their fans.
No club will have better representation than the Philadelphia Union.
Long before the Union ever played their first match in the inaugural season of 2010, the Sons of Ben were supporting their club. They had a presence everywhere leading up to that first match. And their presence is stronger than ever now.
At the SuperDraft in 2010, the Sons of Ben marched in and nearly took over the ballroom where the event was occurring. Danny Mwanga, Amobi Okugo and Jack McInerney went Nos. 1, 6 and 7 and the SOBs loved every minute of it.

Expect the same amount of excitement Thursday when the SuperDraft is going on.
Sons of Ben President Kenny Hanson said the group has been given clearance for 150 members to march in and cheer on the Union all day.
That’s incredible when you consider that this event takes place at noon on a work day for most people.
“I actually was just saying that the other night,” Hanson said. “I just think the passion here with the Union and the Sons of Ben is unmatched in the league or by any other supporters group in general. To see this passion, with so many things happening on any given day, shows the incredible passion of our supporters group.
“These people are showing up and cheering on the team no matter what is happening within the team. I think as a leader of any organization, you have to see how special that is. They’re taking time out of their day to come in and support them. That really means a lot.”
It means a lot to Corey Furlan as well.
Furlan, a former Sons of Ben Vice President, recalled what the SuperDraft was like in 2010.
“I remember the Union being another step closer to reality,” Furlan said. “It was a long, winding road which brought us even closer to playing for real.”
And now?
“It’s kind of eerily similar,” Furlan said. “We had picks one, six and seven in 2010. This year, we have two top picks (two and six). It’s really cool to have those picks and to have the group there supporting the club.”
The support will be there. That you can count on.
“There is a lot of excitement surrounding this draft with the Union holding all these picks,” Hanson said. “It’s going to be an exciting day and it will be special again for the Sons of Ben.”
Do you have memories of the last time MLS' SuperDraft took place in Philadelphia? Leave a comment below.
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