Cory Burke Tattoo

For many athletes, being away from your family is a part of the job — constant traveling, training and not being able to visit home as often as you'd like. For Philadelphia Union forward Cory Burke, being away from his daughter isn't easy. But to help him get through the distance, he has one thing that reminds himself of her at all times; a tattoo.

Burke, who hails from Kingston, Jamaica, signed a First Team contract on December 21, 2017. So far this season, he's appeared in four matches, registering one assist against New England Revolution on March 3. He's also played alongside Union goalkeeper Andre Blake with the Jamaican National Team, earning 13 caps and scoring twice.

The Jamaican international decided to get a tattoo of his daughter's name, Shanikey, on his forearm for good luck.

"When she was younger and I played in Jamaica, I would take her to my games and I always scored," Burke said.

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Despite how difficult being away from her is, Burke knows he always carries a piece of her at all times.

“People always get tattoos that make no sense, but it’s my blood it’s my daughter. I’d rather put her name on me than other stuff and it means she's always with me," Burke said.

Tattoos have different meanings for each people, but to Burke, this one is about making those who are distant feel much closer.