Sunday afternoon saw a virtual battle on the sticks with L\\Gabe\\L emerging victorious in the Euro/Copa Showdown presented by Subaru.

The gamer's path to the title was one of cool nerves with three matches decided by a matching 1-0 scorelines in the Round of 32 as well as in the Quarterfinals and Semifinals. Facing off against a former Union esports finalist in Brunchboi900, L\\Gabe\\L fell behind early with a 5th-minute goal from Brunchboi's Norwegian National Team. Playing with England, Gabe fought back with an equalizer in the 34th minute. Momentum swung to the eventual winner's side with the go-ahead goal just before halftime. That momentum continued in the second half with the game's final goal coming in the 55th minute for the 3-1 win that claimed the championship.

"I'm so happy for winning this tournament, Perfect time!" the winner said after the match. "Cant wait to get a jersey and go to the stadium! One day closer to that full stadium! Hope this win was the first of many! Thank you Union and let’s go!"

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