Newly-signed forward Markus Anderson took his first tour of Philadelphia Union’s facility and met his new teammates just a few short days before departing on a strenuous 17-day long trip to Clearwater for preseason.

Although he hasn’t had a chance to get acclimated to his new city quite yet, Anderson is already getting settled in with the team in Florida, and he says he's ready to embrace all the change he faces.

“It feels great to be here. I'm just learning as much as I can, I'm with a good group of guys, and it just feels good,” Anderson said.

Anderson grew up a short drive down I-95 in Brooklyn, New York, so naturally, the move back to the East Coast is an exciting one for him. He got his youth start playing for Manhattan Kickers FC before moving to Europe to play in Spain, where impressed in both the fifth, then the third division. Most recently, he played for CF Rayo Majadahonda, scoring three goals through 18 appearances in the 2023 season.

Now that he's back in the states, Anderson says he's looking forward to both speaking English again during interviews. He’s also excited to be a part of this Philadelphia Union crew, and he says their support has been essential in helping his transition.

“Obviously younger guys are with me because I’m the same age as them, but the other guys are really helping me. They're very used to the league and they’ve been in it for a long time,” Anderson said.

“I just feel like these group of guys, they're amazing. They help me with everything, and I'm just ready to get started in this league.”

While adjusting to the pace of Major League Soccer is at the forefront of Anderson’s focus, he still has his sights set on making a difference for Philadelphia his season, hopefully through getting on the score sheet.

“My biggest goal is to work hard and try to get some goals on the plate. I'm a striker – so that's all I can ask for,” Anderson said

Anderson is counting down the days until the team's home opener against Chicago FC on February 24th, when he and the rest of offseason signings will get their first taste of what gameday is like at Subaru Park.