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OTD 2019: Accam plays for his father


Today's UNIBET Day in Union history took place two years ago as David Accam bagged a brace that had even more meaning.

Accam scored two goals and leading the Boys in Blue past the Columbus Crew but what few knew outside the locker room was that his father had passed away following a battle with cancer earlier in the week. It was an emotional moment for the Ghanaian attacker, but also one that could have been draining. Even top flight athletes, who often have a rare ability to turn all their attention to their sport, can have their mind split by concurrent personal and professional demands. After Accam's first goal, he knelt and pointed to the sky, reflecting on his father and what he meant to him.

"I was just saying that my Dad is watching this game. So wherever he is, this is for him," Accam told PhiladelphiaUnion.com.

Although his father often spoke about how he used to to play soccer, Accam smiled when he recalled discussions about the sport with his Dad. "He was left-footed and always at home I'd try to play and he'd tell me stories about how he used to be good," he remembered. He'd say he played on the left and he's better than me so he could teach me some tricks."

His father taught him many things, but, David admits, he never taught him those tricks! "That's what he said," Accam laughed, "But he never did!"

After a frustrating 2018 season, Accam used his big Saturday night performance to honor his father and show the soccer world that he's healthy and dangerous once again. "Confidence is good, but also the feeling that I'm 100% healthy," he said when asked how he will build on his brace against the Crew. "I feel like I can dribble and do my thing like I used to do. I feel like my body is much better so I can do more now."