Before the opening kick off of Philadelphia Union's MLS is Back contest against New York City FC, the team revealed a special statement by replacing their own names on the back of their jerseys with the names of victims of police brutality.

#SayTheirNames: Union swap names on back of kits -

“Those are black people that were killed from police brutality and from what I’ve gathered the non-black players on the team, mainly the white players, put names on the backs of their jerseys of people that they’ve learned about through this process within the team," Twellman said during ESPN's national broadcast of the match. "This is what you’re talking about. You are educating everyone in and around you. This is what you and I have talked about in how we can change. You listen, you hear what they are talking about and that’s how you create incremental change.”

The names on the back of the Union's jersey's weren't the only location spotted on the team with captain Alejandro Bedoya's armband listing 30 names.