When the best season in club history came down to a single game, Jim Curtin’s team never blinked. This Philadelphia Union squad has never been about just the regular starters. The team that went out to rep Philadelphia in front of a buzzing, bumping, drums-beating Subaru Park was prepared to take every punch and get back up until the final whistle blew. Nothing is over for this group until you make them stop fighting for their city. 

What other club can take for granted that its city will not only embrace an underdog mentality but use it to become even stronger together? 

What other club can put teenaged homegrown players straight out of the academy into any situation — even a playoff penalty shootout — and feel no fear?

What other club can say Next Man Up and mean it more than one from the City of Brotherly Love? 

The Philadelphia Union built by Jim Curtin and Ernst Tanner are not about individuals — they are about mentality and aggression. Nobody likes to play against Philly, and you know we don’t care. 

Thank you for supporting this club throughout 2021 and helping us make one of the best seasons in club history one that we celebrated with the fans every single day. 

Thank you so much for being part of the Union family.