Union Celebrate Fearless 43 during KCC Night at Subaru Park

2023 Kick Childhood Cancer Night | 1

While Philadelphia Union were engaged in an Eastern Conference clash against Supporters's Shield leading FC Cincinnati, Saturday night was the club's Kick Childhood Cancer Night where the 2023 Fearless 43 were honored.

The night kicked off for the group with a special pregame tailgate at Union Yards where our superheroes met some of the biggest heroes in the Universe before heading inside to take in the match. Alina Gall kicked off the match as the drum striker that got the entire stadium ready to welcome the Boys in Blue to the pitch.

After taking in the first half, all 43 were invited onto the pitch for the crowd to show their support which was highlighted by a special River End tifo and bubbles.

Following the match each of the Fearless 43 exchanged bracelets and other items with a member of the Philadelphia Union along with autographs and memories they'll cherish forever.

2023 Kick Childhood Cancer Night

Philadelphia Union started Fearless 43 in 2019 with the number coming tied to the number of children diagnosed daily with cancer. For the last five years the Union have partnered with Kisses for Kyle to work with 43 childhood cancer patients in the greater Philadelphia area on a special project. 

Below you can find the names and ages of our Fearless 43 Class of 2023.

Fearless 43 Class of 2023
Snow Adami (8 years old)
Raymeer Bacon-El (8 years old)
Ella Briggs (4 years old)
Connor Brookshaw (3 years old)
Byrson Church (6 years old)
Joseph Connell (8 years old)
Aden Dajti (9 years old)
Railyn Dami (8 years old)
Finn Davis (5 years old)
Aaraadhya Eduru (11 years old)
Wayne Gaines-Williams (9 years old)
Alina Gala (7 years old)
Beatrice Geiger (4 years old)
Aiden Graham (6 years old)
Delaney Henry (7 years old)
Leeanna Hough (11 years old)
Emilia Isaacs (4 years old)
Luciana Italiano (2 years old)
Jessica Jara-Richmond (9 years old)
Evelyn Johnson (5 years old)
Jordan Kahley (11 years old)
Shivaanya Kashyap (5 years old)
Kinsley Kauffman (4 years old)
Aaron Kline (5 years old)
Anna Lesher (6 years old)
Dilynn Listman (5 years old)
Morgan Lowe (11 years old)
Antonio Mastalski (10 years old)
Kevin McLaughlin (4 years old)
Zaria Ming-Dammann (5 years old)
Brinley Nguyen (4 years old)
Vincent Nowroozi (5 years old)
Paisley Perrone (3 years old)
Morgan Pieczara (12 years old)
Benny Pin (6 years old)
Marshall Ross (9 years old)
Noah Soriano (7 years old)
Emmitt Spearman-Young (10 years old)
Kenzie Stanton (8 years old)
Isaac Tambo (11 years old)
Zameer Thompson (9 years old)
Isaac Tse-Lai (8 years old)
Adrianna Zaldivar (8 years old)