QUOTE SHEET: Union at LA Galaxy

On tonight's game:
"Overall a disappointing night for us. Two good teams going at it and you had an unfortunate injury early to Marco Fabian who I had hopes for playing a big role in the game, lost him early. Credit to the Galaxy, they played at a tempo that was faster than we've seen this season, I think we'll learn from it. Obviously Zlatan [Ibrahimovic] in the box was a focus all week and he made us pay. Happy with the response in the second half but disappointing it took us till the penalty kick to really get ourselves playing a little bit in the first half and then I thought the second half was much better but still weren't clinical enough to get a goal to kind of get the game and get some momentum on our side."

On Marco Fabian's injury:
"On the play where the goalkeeper was out and he tried to shoot it looked like his plant foot kind of gave out on him and rolled a little bit. I don't think it is too significant, I am hoping it is not too significant but obviously you want all your big players in big games like this. He was devastated to miss out on this one. Hopefully it is a quick healing process but we'll get a test soon."

On if Marco Fabian's injury affected their game plan:
"Yes, it messed with it a lot because we had a unique formation out there that maybe the Galaxy wasn't anticipating with him playing the second striker underneath and he was kind of a key guy we wanted to put on the ball a lot on their left-hand side and have him drift over there. But again, credit to the Galaxy; they were sharp tonight. You look at their midfield three, I thought Jonathan dos Santos was their best player on the field tonight by a lot and it was an impressive performance from them, so I don't want to take anything away from them. Obviously in big games with two good teams early in the season you want the stars out there but unfortunately ours got injured."

On the match:
“It’s difficult to play with these kinds of calls, we already knew that every touch in the box it could be a penalty and I think it was two bad calls from the referee but what do you do. We need to pick our heads up and Montreal is coming, they are an East conference opponent and we need to win that game and we need to now focus on that game.”

On the second half response from Philadelphia:
“We just went to play 4-3-2-1 so we closed their back because we had problem in the first half with their backs because they were free a lot of the times, so they came through a lot from the sides, so we had difficulties with that. Once we changed, we controlled the game but if you don’t make your chances then you can’t win this game.”

On takeaways from this game ahead of the Montreal match:
“We just need to believe in ourselves. We need to believe that we are a good team and fight for each other. We need every player in the squad to make an effort for the team and hopefully we get the points next week.”

On team's second performance:
"In the first half, it is the moment that we need to press good on them because they have players that can play soccer and they can move the ball good so the first thing that the trainer said was that we need to press at the right moments but sometimes it was difficult in the first half, so we tried in the last 50 minutes and did it better with the right back and left back."

On the takeaways of this game:
"That we need to keep going and not give up in our game. This game is a motivation for next week so we need to keep moving on. We lost this game but there is another shot next week so we need to keep moving."

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