Quote Sheet: Union at Real Salt Lake

Head Coach Jim Curtin
Initial reaction
"First and foremost credit to Salt Lake they outplayed us tonight in all phases. It's one of these games where we got out of our system. We haven't had a bad, flat performance like that all season. So again, certain moments in the year you have to move on to the next game, and, right now, there are no positives to take away from that one and obviously have to look forward to improving during the week. We will obviously watch the film and––actually we might burn the film––move on to next week. And then focus on Chicago.”

On Andrew Wooten’s game
"He did a good job in short minutes. It was a little bit difficult because he had you a goal called back on his first touch, so he kind of went through a wide range of emotions, I'd imagine, and the VAR decision went against us - as a couple did tonight. From what I've heard, the Kreilach one is a red card, so difficult night all around. And again, credit to Salt Lake they outplayed us all over the field.”

On moving on from the defeat:
"This is always a tough place to come. We weren't up for it in any way, shape, or form. I could break down the first three goals, but they were almost laughable. So we'll move on to the next game. Obviously, we have Chicago at home, and then two difficult Eastern Conference games. So we'll need to improve and again, every point matters now let's pick ourselves up, move on to the next game.”

Forward Andrew Wooten
On feeling after first game:
"Happy for my MLS debut, but I wish it could have been better, but we gotta watch tape and see what went wrong and hopefully we can fix that next week.”

On team adjustments:
"I think that we will regroup from that loss, tough loss, but we will come back stronger and hopefully we can have the three points at home.”

Defender Fabinho
On adjustments that need to be made against Chicago:
"We have to forget. For me, I'm gonna have to forget this game today because today we lost our minds sometimes on the field. But we have to forget this game and start thinking about the next game. We know our team is good. Our team can change the bad starts and now we're going to Chicago and at our home we are strong. I think we will have three points.”

On playing against Eastern Conference opponents in the next 3 games:
"These are very important because we have to win them if we want to finish in first place. I think they are very good. The next game especially because it’s against our conference. We need those points because the last game we tied, the last home game. Today, we lost. I think we have to win, we have no other option. We have to win Saturday if we want to finish in first place. But I believe in our team and I believe in our guys. I think that Saturday we’re going to have a beautiful game.”


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