Curtin ranks amongst top of MLS coaches in sideline fashion

When a coach decides on their sideline wardrobe, there are numerous options to choose from. Do you go track suit and stay comfortable? Do you go for the extra stylish suit and hope there is no weather? For Philadelphia Union head coach Jim Curtin, the suit the only way to go and it caught the eye of's J. Sam Jones.

Whether it's pouring down rain, freezing cold or blazing like the surface of the sun, Curtin will lead his squad in a button down shirt, tie and jacket. In the article, Curtin's fashion placed him fourth in the league, topping Frank de Boer, Ben Olsen, Bob Bradley. While the choice for fourth can be met with questions, Jones writes that, "The man gives effort."

"On first glance, you aren’t getting much from Jim. But as you dive into the catalog, you notice something. There is a consistent commitment to adding color and a refusal to repeat combinations. Vanna White has never worn the same dress on Wheel of Fortune over 37 years and Jim Curtin has never repeated a managerial outfit. I’m almost positive this is true. How many managers have ever worn light blue pants on the touchline? One (probably). That’s Jim Curtin. This placement is an acknowledgment of effort. Curtin is fashion Rudy Reuttiger. We should all be inspired.

Being compared to THE RUDY? Okay, we'll take it.

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