Throughout the MLS Is Back Tournament in Orlando, players and coaches have worn a special t-shirt that reads BLACK LIVES MATTER on the front and features an impactful design from Union midfielder Warren Creavalle on the back. 

That t-shirt is now on sale for the first time ever. 100% of profits from the MLSisBlack Solidarity Top will go to charities aligned with the goals of Black Players for Change and Player’s Coalition in the fight for racial equality.

Creavalle was inspired by George Floyd's death and the protests that followed.

The design includes a statement that removes any ambiguity about the message Creavalle and the Black Players for Change, a newly-formed group of players that includes Union defender Ray Gaddis on its board, want to send: 

"To be clear, this is not your distraction, it's not your escape from real life. For some, this is everyday life. This is not politics, it's not black vs white, it's human RIGHTS. Silence is violence. In certain cases, silence was suffocation. This is not meant for your comfort, it's not meant to be a trend. It's meant for your awareness, understanding, and mobilization. If you're not uncomfortable, you're doing it wrong. MLS is back, but Black Lives still Matter. They mattered yesterday, they matter today, and they MUST matter tomorrow."

Watch the video at the top of this post for more information on Creavalle's inspiration.