Ahead of the club's home contest against New York City FC on Saturday night, Philadelphia Union Head Coach Jim Curtin provided an update on the status of the squad.


“Ilsinho has a slight tear of his groin and it is a situation where they gave an injection to him and he'll miss a couple weeks for sure. From there it becomes about how it responds and is it a pain that he can tolerate and get through until the end of the year or is it a situation where after the two weeks he can't tolerate it and has to have surgery. The surgery probably has to come one way or another at some point so we're in a two-week holding pattern to find out how it responds to the shot and we'll see from there.

He was crushed after the game, upset and emotional and apologized to me like he's letting the team down but that is never the case with Ilsinho. He is still a huge part of what this club is, such a great player and we are such a better team when we have him with us. He'll be missed for sure but I know he'll come back stronger and he's a guy we really need if we want to be a greaet team in this league and be among the top at the end of the season."

Jack de Vries

“De Vries is just now getting out of concussion protocol but still not fully cleared to head the ball or have contact but it has progressed positively."