Off the Pitch presented by Marie Henderson Team, the preferred real estate partner of the Philadelphia Union, is a new content series that takes a deeper dive into players' lives at home and off the field.

Quinn Sullivan’s family roots run deep in Philadelphia, so for the 19-year-old Homegrown midfielder, playing for the city’s local Major League Soccer club means a little more.

Sullivan is a German-American dual citizen with third generation Bangladeshi heritage, but his entire family has a connection to the city. When he visited the newly opened 1909 Rittenhouse building with Marie Henderson Team, Philadelphia Union’s preferred real estate partner, he was flooded with memories of his childhood.

“Being in the city is a reminder of being a kid. Obviously I'm still young, but growing up close to the city, and then going to school not too far from here – I walk past all the things that I remember from when I was younger.”

His parents, Brendan and Heike, both played soccer at University of Pennsylvania – they first met in the athletic treatment room after Brendan transferred from Columbia. Heike’s father, Klaus Krippendorf, was a distinguished professor at the Annenberg School for Communication.

Brendan’s father, Larry Sullivan, played collegiately at Temple University before coaching Villanova Men’s Soccer, among a long list of other Philly area colleges and high schools. During his tenure at the helm of the Wildcats, Quinn’s current coach, Jim Curtin, was on the team.

This holiday season, when the Sullivans got together for their annual family reunion, they filled a banquet hall with relatives in the area – and that’s just a gathering of Quinn’s paternal side.

“We don't leave the city,” Quinn laughed, recounting his extensive family tree of Philadelphians.


Sullivan currently lives in his parents’ Norristown home with Cavan, a 14-year-old U.S. Youth National Team standout, twin brothers Declan and Ronan who are also highschoolers at YSC Academy, plus two great danes. As one could imagine, soccer balls are aplenty and there is no shortage of action.

“There's some scares when the ball gets close to the TV. If there’s a decoration, maybe it'll get knocked down,” Quinn said.

“I can do some things that they can't yet but, we all actually learn from each other. Cav’s taught me things. Dec’s taught me things like – he does the hip ball really well. Cav does the Eclipse.”

He isn’t planning to move out just yet – he still enjoys nights making smash burgers on the Blackstone grill for family dinner and helping drive his siblings to training and school in Chester, but Marie Henderson Team gave him a glimpse into what he could expect when he does decide to take the next step.


“Typically, when we begin the search, most of the athletes have an idea of what they are looking for in their next home. Therefore, we usually try to start where they can get parking, concierge service, and good security,” Marie Henderson said during their tour.

“I’ve found that the most important reason for working with a realtor is having someone in your corner - everything is beautiful once you move in, but if you have any issues afterward, we will be there to help.”

Throughout the past year, Marie Henderson Team has used their expertise to guide Philadelphia Union athletes in the right direction when finding a place to call home. As young players like Sullivan start to consider what life would be like living in the city, the team is ready to show them their expansive catalog of locations throughout Philadelphia to ensure they find the best fit.

Interested in Philadelphia real estate? Follow the footsteps of Quinn Sullivan and reach out to Marie Henderson Team to find your home sweet home!

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