Philadelphia Union Announce WSFS Bank Sportsplex Phase One Completion

Sportsplex 11

CHESTER, Pa. (December 20, 2023) - Philadelphia Union today announced phase one of the WSFS Bank Sportsplex has been completed. The seven outdoor fields have been fully constructed and are in use by the Philadelphia Union, Union II, and Philadelphia Union Academy, and are now available for third party use as well as for incremental sports programming initiated by the Union. Additionally, YSC Academy has transitioned to Chester, Pa., with the school located in the Union Power Plant building making the Union the only Major League Soccer team to house all three teams, as well as the associated school, on one campus.

“We are excited to see the construction of WSFS Bank Sportsplex fields completed,” said Tim McDermott, Philadelphia Union President. “Seeing both Union players and community members playing on these fields has brought the first phase of our vision to life. Being able to open the fields to the community is an important step as we continue to foster and grow the impactful relationships we’ve created here in Chester.”

The seven outdoor multi-sport fields include one championship grass field, to be completed with 1000+ spectator seats, two additional full-size grass fields, one youth-size grass field, and three full-size turf fields all with lights. While being utilized by the Union’s teams and available for rent, WSFS Bank has also committed to donate 365 hours of field and facility usage annually to community organizations, in which 19 hours have already been donated to Chester Union, the Philadelphia Union Foundation’s philanthropic soccer club.

The construction of the WSFS Bank Sportsplex is part of the Union’s commitment to help develop and revitalize the Chester Waterfront, creating jobs and driving an increase in revenue in the Chester community.

To reserve and rent field time on the new WSFS Bank Sportsplex fields, visit