Front Office

Tim McDermott

Dave Debusschere
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Charlie Slonaker
Chief Revenue Officer

Carlos Montoya
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Amanda Young Curtis
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Jacquie Thomas
Director, Administration


Camilo Villavicencio
Coordinator, Multicultural and Events Marketing

Marcos Pina
Coordinator, Grassroots Marketing

Allie Gentile
Director, Community Relations

Digital & Creative

Adam Cann
Director, Digital and Content

Tom Via II
Senior Manager, Digital

Kim Ahrens
Coordinator, Digital Content

Shaun Kreider
Creative Director

Mike Verdecchio
Digital Video Creator

Kelsey Boeing
Digital Video Creator

Kylie Mocarski
Digital Video Producer

Randy Cunningham
Senior Graphic Designer

Christian Aguiar
Graphic Designer

Broadcast & Entertainment

Carl Mandell
Vice President, Broadcast and Entertainment

Tyler Beaumont
Manager, Video Production

Jordan Strauss
Producer, Broadcasting

Sumner Gilliam
Manager, Game Production & Motion Graphics

James Rudman
Coordinator, Video Production

Justin Reid
Coordinator, Motion Graphics

Edward Posavec
Manager, Game Presentation & Match Operations

Brandon Kurnit
Coordinator, Game Presentation & Match Operations

Business Analytics

Kyle Mathiot
Vice President, Business Analytics

Michael Elisio
Director, Business Analytics

Max Reichert
Business Intelligence Analyst


Nicole Fancher
Vice President, Finance & Accounting

Nick Renz
Director, Accounting

Garrett Catalana
Manager, Accounting

Amanda Palladino
Coordinator, Accounts Payable

Fabio Gentile
Staff Accountant

Human Resources

Ashlee Maunz
Senior Director, Human Resources

Nigel Burch
Coordinator, Payroll & Benefits

Technical Staff

Ernst Tanner
Sporting Director

Jim Curtin
Head Coach

Frank Leicht
Assistant Coach

Ryan Richter
Assistant Coach

Mehdi Mehdaoui
Assistant Coach

Phil Wheddon
Director of Goalkeeping

Garrison Draper
Vice President, Player Health and Performance

Terry McFadden
Scouting Analyst

Jay Cooney
Video Analyst

Dean Costalas
Director, Analysis

Addison Hunsicker
Data Analyst

Paul Rushing
Head Athletic Trainer

Steve Hudyma
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Yaseen Khan
Assistant Athletic Trainer & Strength and Conditioning Coach

Josh Gros
Head of Team Operations

Brandon Comisky
Director, Equipment Operations

Joe Opdenaker
Equipment Coordinator

Dan Nolan
Director, Player Relations

Tommy Wilson
Director of Academy And Professional Development

Jon Scheer
Director of Scouting

Walter Grandez
Lead Sport Scientist

Steve Mathews
Team Chiropractor

Brad Papson
Physical Therapist

David Webner
Team Doctor (Sports Medicine)

Kevin Duprey
Team Doctor (Sports Medicine)

Chip Hummer
Team Doctor (Orthopedic)

Jim McGlynn
Team Doctor (Orthopedic)


Erica Scheer
Director, PR and Communications

Niko Dinoulis
Coordinator, Communications

Youth Development

David Pettican
Youth General Manager

Anthony Flores
Youth Technical Director

Andrew Vanover
Youth Operations Director

Phil Griffiths
Youth Director of Coaching

Thiago Evangelista
Youth Senior Staff Coach

Becca McDermott
Youth Business Coordinator


Paul Howard
Executive Director, Philadelphia Union Foundation

Julia Sifari
Coordinator, Philadelphia Union Foundation

Ticket Sales

Mark Evans
Vice President, Season Ticket & Premium Sales and Service

Julia Worth
Manager, Premium Services

Brittany Lugiano
Senior Manager, Fan Services

Brandon Hopper
Manager, Fan Services

Jasmine Patterson
Fan Services Representative

Sumaire Shamlal
Fan Services Representative

Tara Souders
Fan Services Representative

Nadya Gibson
Fan Services Representative

Greg Imming
Vice President, Group & Inside Sales and Ticket Operations

Meghan Grenier
Director, Ticket Operations

McKenzie Anderson
Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Alex Carrington
Senior Manager, Group Sales

Evan Slabicki
Manager, Group Services & Sales Cadencing

AJ Cawley
Account Executive, Group Sales

Michelle LaFranca
Account Executive, Group Sales

Timothy Halter
Account Executive, Group Sales

Darrell Redman
Director, Season Ticket Sales

Jake Willey
Account Executive, Tickets Sales

Steve Gannon
Senior Manager, Season Ticket Sales

Sam Harris
Account Executive, Season Tickets

Noah Lare
Account Executive, Season Tickets

Nick Manske
Account Executive, Season Tickets

Chris Tracy
Account Executive, Season Tickets

Drew Dessen
Account Executive, Season Tickets

Dan Brown
Account Executive, Season Tickets

Kaan Akbay
Inside Sales Representative

Ben Goshorn
Inside Sales Representative

Zach Jamison
Inside Sales Representative

Alec Laboski
Inside Sales Representative

Michael Leon
Inside Sales Representative

Victoria Peltzer
Inside Sales Representative

Charlie Viola
Inside Sales Representative

Owen Winters
Inside Sales Representative

Corporate Sponsorships

Craig Amhaus
Vice President, Corporate Sales

Michelle Rosar
Senior Director, Partnership Marketing

Shaun Gallagher
Director, Corporate Sales

Kyle McCallister
Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Casey Loftus
Account Executive, Corporate Sales_

Caitlin Pinick
Senior Manager, Partnership Marketing

Erin Costello
Coordinator, Partnership Marketing

Samantha Bruecks
Coordinator, Partnership Marketing

Zach Vaughen
Coordinator, Corporate Sales